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About Renton Technical College

Renton Technical College (RTC) is one of 34 colleges in the State of Washington operated by the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. RTC provides training, retraining and upgrading for persons seeking marketable job skills or upgrading current skills. Specialized programs allow students with or without high school credentials to enter at numerous times, progress in accordance with individual aptitudes, and complete low-cost training making job entry and success possible.

The College is able to monitor and respond to the needs of the local workforce through the guidance of program advisory committees comprised of both management and labor. Almost 400 volunteers serve on 40 program advisory committees to recommend instructors, assess the adequacy of educational materials and equipment, assist in placement, evaluate programs and specify training needs.

Training at Renton Technical College is relevant. The worker of tomorrow is trained by the journey-level instructor of today. Trainees are ensured that only those skills and concepts essential for seeking, gaining and holding a job are taught. At the same time, they are guaranteed they will not be taught superfluous skills and concepts. Mathematical, scientific, communication and human relation skills are integrated into practical instruction.

RTC’s goal is to provide job training in the shortest period of time at the least cost – an important concept for both the student and the Washington taxpayer. Vocational training at the College is comprised of three programs: 1) full-time, initial job training; 2) part-time, retraining or upgrading existing skills; and 3) apprenticeship-related instruction.

For students who need a "brush-up," the College provides instruction in the basic skills of reading, writing, and math; assistance studying for a high school diploma or equivalency certificate; or developing better comprehension of English to make additional studies possible.

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