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General Education - Psychology

PSYC& 100 – General Psychology (5 credits)
General Psychology surveys the knowledge and methods of the discipline of psychology. Emphasis is placed upon application of psychological knowledge to daily situations, and upon accessing and assessing information from a variety of sources about behavior. Skills in scientific reasoning and critical thinking are developed during this course. Areas of psychology to be included are: research methods, neuroscience, human development, sensation, perception, consciousness, learning, memory, cognitive processes, intelligence, motivation, emotion, personality, psychological disorders, psychotherapy, stress and health, and social psychology. Basic computer and keyboarding skills strongly recommended. 

Additional online description:  Students should have experience with e-mail and the Internet and basic keyboarding skills. All classes meet online at Purchase text through RTC Bookstore.  Register at least one week before class starts.

PSYC& 200 – Developmental Psychology (5 credits)
This course covers the concepts of human life span development in psychology and research from the prenatal stage to end of life experiences. Life span development includes socio-emotional, cognitive, and physiological development. Included are the influences on human development by such factors as biology, life experiences, family, and culture. Each individual, although unique follows a process that is affected by primary caregivers, siblings, extended family, teachers, friends, partners, and events. Emphasis will be on understanding human development and the influences of family and culture that includes ethnicity, beliefs, family structure, traditions, and gender.