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Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Anesthesia Technician program will be able to:

  • Obtain employment in a variety of clinical settings
  • Assist the licensed anesthesia provider in various settings
  • Prepare appropriate equipment, drugs, cylinder gasses and supplies for required procedures
  • Apply aseptic techniques in preparing equipment and supplies
  • Clean, sterilize, disinfect, stock, order and maintain routine anesthesia equipment and supplies
  • Demonstrate an understanding of pharmacology, local, regional and general anesthesia
  • Demonstrate patient care skills, including transferring, positioning, monitoring and transporting patients
  • Identify patient and occupational hazards, including electrical, radiation, chemical and biological
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills to prioritize, anticipate and analyze problems and evaluate solutions
  • Demonstrate ability to use medical terminology, acronyms, symbols and abbreviations
  • Practice within the professional and legal parameters of the occupation, including ethical issues concerning patient and employment relationships
  • Demonstrate good communication skills using appropriate medical terminology with patients, peers and physicians
  • Presents a professional demeanor with patients, peers and physicians
  • Display professionalism in their appearance, job performance, and ability to work as a team member
  • Identify and access professional organizations and continuing education resources
  • Have adequate knowledge and experience to the the national certification exam
  • Demonstrate the ability to market themselves using interpersonal, written and electronic communication to research jobs and apply for employment


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