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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go after graduating from this program?
There are many possibilities for graduates upon completing the Professional Baking program. Some examples of the potential job opportunities include: full service bakery, in-store bakery, restaurant, hotel, cruise ship, and a variety of camps.

What type of wages would I expect in the Baking field of work?
It depends on your personal performance, knowledge, dependability, speed, cleanliness, honesty, ability to be on-time, ability to be a multi-tasker, and ability to be a team player. Graduates of the program are given the opportunity to develop these skills. The more an individual has of these listed attributes the better the chance of employment and higher wages can be expected.

Do I have to be artistic to be successful as a baker or cake decorator?
No, but it is helpful if you have some type of artistic skills but we will teach the basics in the program.

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