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Ford ASSETFord ASSET is a joint effort of Ford Motor Company, Renton Technical College, and a sponsoring Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealership. The ASSET program utilizes specific periods (approximately nine weeks) of classroom/lab instruction alternating with specific periods of full-time work experience at a Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealership. Technical training on Ford automotive products is provided in all Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) service repair areas plus specific Ford Motor Company Service Technician Specialty Training certification courses and covers the latest development of Ford technology including: engines, fuel management, electronics, transmission/transaxles, brake systems, and air conditioning. The program applies, in a real work setting, what a student learns during the previous instructional session. The student becomes familiar with the dealership environment and the organizational structure while developing competencies that are expected of a professional automotive technician.

Other Program Info:


Brian Thompson

Our graduates say:

Program Length:

  • 8 quarters
  • 142 credits
  • Monday - Friday,
    7:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Estimated Costs:

  • Tuition $14,025.00
  • Supplies $2,250.00


  • Apply to the program on both RTC and ASSET application forms
  • Arrange for an interview with an ASSET instructor
  • Be selected (sponsored) by a dealer
  • Students may enter at the beginning of fall quarter.


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