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Testing Services

Located in Charles DeMoss Building (J), Room J219
Phone 425-235-2352 ext. 5704

Testing Calendars:

JULY 2014


Please pay for the test at Cashiering in Enrollment Services. Enrollment Services is in the Roberts Campus Center.  All tests administered in the Testing Center require picture identification and a copy of the receipt showing payment for the test.

To download an overview of testing options and information, click here.

Contact Information:

Leslie Hand, Testing Services Coordinator
Phone: 425-235-2352 Ext. 5704

Using Assessment Scores from Other Schools
If you have taken the COMPASS placement test at another school, you have the option to transfer those scores to RTC. RTC does not accept ACCUPLACER scores. You may submit your COMPASS scores from other schools only if they are less than two years old.

Please arrange for child care; children are not permitted in the Testing Center.

Who is this exam for? Students enrolling in a Professional-Technical program or general education class at RTC.
What’s it for? To assess your math and reading skills for placement into Technical Programs or General Education Classes.
Frequency of taking exam: The exam cannot be taken more than 3 times in one month and never twice in the same day. No test appointment is necessary; just walk in during a testing session.
Cost of the exam: $20.00 for Reading and Math or $10.00 for one. | for Pre-Algebra and Algebra help.

GED® General Educational Development tests:
Who is this exam for? The new 2014 assessment will continue to provide the opportunity to earn a high school equivalency, but it will also measure career and college-readiness skills. The new test will also have four content areas—language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies—that measure a foundational core of knowledge and skills that are essential for career and college readiness.
Cost of the exam: $120.00 for 4 exams, credit card required for online registration and payment.
How do I register? Go to or phone the Call Center at 1.877.EXAM.GED Registration must occur 24 hours prior to taking an exam.
To request a copy of your GED diploma, click here.
For more information regarding the GED, download this flyer.

Mathematics for Health Sciences AMATH 170 Challenge Exam
Who is this exam for? Students wanting to satisfy the Mathematics for Health Sciences prerequisite at RTC.
Math Recommendations: Minimum of Pre-Algebra with a 2.0 or better or a minimum score of 60 on the Pre-Algebra COMPASS exam.
Frequency of taking exam: A student can take the challenge exam during testing sessions anytime during the month, once per quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).
Cost of the exam: $40.00 and an RTC student identification number.
Passing this exam does not award credits for taking the course – it is only a fulfillment of the prerequisite and test is scored at the end of each month.
How do I prepare for this exam? Click here.

National Certifying Examination for Surgical Technologists (CST):
Who is this exam for? Surgical Technologists registered in the Surgical Preparation program. This exam is administered through the Surgical Technologist Program.
What’s it for? To assess the skills which comprise the core body of knowledge for all surgical technologists.

Certified Federal Surveyors Program (CFedS):
Who is this exam for? The CFedS exam is typically the first step in the process of becoming a licensed professional surveyor. It is designed for undergraduates who are close to finishing an undergraduate degree. The exam components are approximately 8 hours.

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS-V Test)
Who is this exam for? TEAS is used to determine the ability of potential students to adjust to nursing programs. This exam is an RTC requirement beginning fall quarter 2014 and is administered through the Registered Nurse, Associate’s program.
Cost of the exam: A $40.00 proctor fee and RTC student ID # and a $40.00 test fee, credit card required for online payment.
How do I register? Create an account at and then contact us at to schedule your exam.

Proctoring Services
Who is this exam for? Students enrolled in distance or online classes with institutions other than Renton Technical College. These may be paper or online exams.
Cost of the exam: A $40.00 proctor fee and an RTC student ID# or number from any local college is necessary to process this payment.
How do I sign up? Email your instructor’s proctor form to

ACT WorkKeys
Who is this exam for? This exam is used by businesses to measure workplace skills of employees and job applicants. This exam is administered through the Precision Machining Technologies program. Before taking the exam take the KeyTrain practice exam in the Learning Resource Center.

Who is this exam for? CompTIA certifications identify IT professionals who prove their aptitude in various fields, such as security, network administration, computer repair, and server administration.
How do I register? Create your account at

American Medical Technologist (AMT)
Who is this exam for? AMT is a national agency that certifies seven primary designations of healthcare personnel: medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians, office laboratory technicians, medical assistants, phlebotomy technicians, dental assistants and medical office administrative specialists. The organization’s purpose is to help protect the welfare of the public by maintaining competency standards in these occupations.
How do I register? Visit the candidate website: or phone the Call Center at 1.800.846.6941

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Who is this exam for? CLEP offers students the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in subject areas and bypass undergraduate coursework by meeting the college's minimum qualifying score for that exam, which is 50 at RTC; a maximum of 5 credits is granted per exam. Credits will not be granted if the equivalent college course has been taken and a maximum of 15 credits can be accepted for transfer associate degrees. Credits for professional and technical programs are granted based on the approval of the program chair and the applicability to the certificate or degree requirements. For credits, the student must ask the testing agency to send scores to Renton Technical College. An example of how these credits appear on the transcript is “CLEP Exam American Government 5.0 Credits."
Cost of the exam? Each exam is $80.00 and credit card required for online payment. Each exam is 90 minutes in length. A $40.00 proctor fee and RTC student ID # is required to pay the proctor fee.
How do I register? Create an account at and then contact us at to schedule your exam. .