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LGBTQ - Student Success Initiative

History & Background

Washington State Student Services Commission (WSSSC)
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ)
Student Success Initiative
May, 2013

The inclusion of LGBTQ demographic categories as part of our data collection on the CTC uniform admissions application is the result of an initiative driven by student leaders from WA State Community and Technical Colleges. Implementing this initiative will serve as a visible testimony of the CTC’s commitment to diversity, academic achievement and student success.

While limited research has been conducted regarding LGBTQ students who attend community colleges, what is available clearly supports the need for colleges to be cognizant and aware of the LGBTQ students enrolled in their institutions. This information helps to create programs and services, curricular offerings and safe spaces for all students to study and learn free from harassment and discrimination.

For more information, read: Access and Equity for all Students: Meeting the Needs of LGBT Students, California Postsecondary Commission (CPEC, 2009) Newsletter.