Branding Policy

Download the Full RTC Branding Policy

RTC Branding Guidelines (Rev. 05/2015)

In addition to consulting with departments on the design and management of their Web pages, this office is responsible for managing the College's presence and voice across all platforms including advertising, media relations, and social media.

It was a long time coming! We hope you find it useful!

Thank you for helping to tell RTC’s story! We want to help you, by ensuring your materials are clear and compelling.

Why do we need these guidelines?

  • Trusted expertise
  • Distinctive
  • Recognized by national organizations like the Aspen Institute and Brookings Institute!
  • Renton Technical College will be the premier technical college in Washington state preparing students for certificates, associate and baccalaureate technical degrees.”
    • Our Reputation – we protect our reputation in ways large and small. One of the central ways is by ensuring that all communications reflect our four core themes:
      • Student Success
      • Workforce Education
      • Basic Skills Education
      • Institutional Sustainability

Design Elements

So you’ve been tasked with getting the word out about your program or event. Here are a few things to consider:

RTC Color Palette

CMYK - C:100 M:46 Y:0 K:70
RGB - R:0 G:46 B:86
CMYK - C:0 M:100 Y:61 K:43
RGB: R:152 G:0 B:46
CMYK - C:0 M:8 Y:21 K:32
RGB - R:185 G:171 B:150

CMYK - C:0 M:2 Y:0 K:68
RGB - R:113 G:112 B:116
PANTONE - 7540

CMYK - C:0 M:2 Y:5 K:9
RGB - R:233 G:227 B:210
PANTONE - 7527

Using the RTC logo

  • Color + B/W versions
  • Examples of right use vs. wrong use –
    • Girl Scouts + Berkeley
  • Official Color Palette
    • Include Pantone colors
  • Approved Fonts
    • Include font names and preferred max/min size
  • Should I add a legal disclaimer?
    • Most likely the answer is yes. As a public institution, RTC is required to include certain language on any print materials made available to the public. This includes flyers, brochures, and ads. Download the current disclaimer here (embed link).
  • Using Photos
    “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
  • Do you have a great photo you want to include? Before you add it, consider the following:
    • Who owns the rights? Did they grant you permission to use the photo(s)?
    • Did every identifiable person give permission to use their image in writing?
    • Have you confirmed the image is royalty-free (no fee)? If yes – Great. Proceed with design and save all documentation.If no – Don’t fret! Submit a request for help securing stock photo(s) from RTC’s Communications and Marketing team.