Renton Technical College (RTC) has long been an innovator in integrating basic education with vocational and academic coursework. For over a decade, RTC has offered students basic skills courses contextualized in vocational subjects and worked interdepartmentally to support skills-deficient students entering professional-technical programs. Our goal is always to move students through quicker and more meaningful pathways to continued education and workplace success.

As a pilot school for the Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) initiative, Renton Technical College was able to prove the effectiveness of integrated learning in its I-BEST Licensed Practical Nurse program. This success encouraged RTC and colleges around the state to expand I-BEST offerings. In recent years, RTC has put forward nine different I-BEST programs and continues to offer several other I-BEST-like integrated and contextualized courses.

Renton Technical College looks forward to continually assessing student needs and program effectiveness. Successful integrated programs lead to increased educational gains and opportunities for wage and skills progression, an excellent way to fulfill our college mission.

Current Integrated Programs:

Program Requirements Outcomes
Medical Assistant ABE & ESL Level 5 Certificate, AAS or AAS-T degree Options
Nursing Assistant ABE & ESL Level 4 NA Certificate
Early Childhood Careers ABE & ESL Level 4 Certificate (multiple options available), AAS or AAS-T Degree Options
Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair ABE & ESL Level 3 Certificate (multiple options available), AAS degree option
Welding ABE Level 3 & ESL Level 4 Certificate (multiple options available), AAS degree option
Central Service Technician ABE Level 3 & ESL Level 4


*I-BEST offerings are subject to periodic changes, please see an adviser or email ibest@ rtc.edu for more information.

Other Integrated Programs:

Construction Trades Prep


Email ibest@rtc.edu or call Samantha Nelson, Director of I-BEST @ 425-235-2319