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Math Links

Basic to advanced algebra lessons, worksheets, and calculators.


Indexes of Biographies (of mathematicians)

Want to find out more about the life and contributions of a mathematician? Or read about women mathematicians? This site has lots of useful links. 


List of Mathematics Dictionaries

Links to mathematics dictionaries, for all levels of learners, across the net.


Wikibooks: Mathematics Bookshelf

Free online texts on many different mathematics subjects.  Warning: these are not professionally edited texts. Use them with caution.



Some interactive sites that will allow you to practice your math skills:


AAAKnow Math

Includes (among a lot of other things) many free exercises decimals, percents, ratios and fractions.  They offer a report when you click on the Report Totals button.


Everyday Math

This site offers exercises on ratios, decimals, proportions, factoring, and many other topics.


Fraction Decimal Conversion

Work on fractions and decimals by playing Concentration, matching games, or using electronic flash cards.


Online Quizzes

Test your knowledge of basic mathematics, algebra, and geometry with these online quizzes from Mercer County Community College.


Videos in the Library

For videos on math , click here.



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