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Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Website

An excellent tutorial on public speaking. Click on Assess, Analyze, Research, Organize, Deliver, and Discern for tips on these steps to a successful speech.


Big Dog's Leadership Page - Presentation Skills

Includes tips on voice and body language, and dealing with audience questions.


The History Place - Great Speeches Collection

The text of many notable speeches.  From Napoleon to Susan B. Anthony to Richard Nixon.


How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear

Afraid of speaking in public?  Review these tips to conquer your fear.


Free Articles on Public Speaking

Excellent short articles on different kinds of audiences, using visual aids, humor, and closing your speech.


Resources Links (From Presenters Online)

Excellent links page for clip art, dictionaries and thesauruses, and PowerPoint presentation templates.


Say it Plain - A Century of Great African-American Speeches

Transcripts of such speakers as Booker T. Washington, Dick Gregory, and Barack Obama.



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Videos in the Library

Videos on speech carried in RTC Library.



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