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Educational Media
This three-times a year newsletter is published by the Renton Technical College Library.  If you have any suggestions for topics, please call the library at     (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at

The library has over 1300 videos and DVDs covering the RTC curriculum. Want to know if we have anything for your RTC program? Call us at (425) 235-2331.

The library is located at: 3000 NE Fourth St, Renton, WA 98056




The Library offers  discipline-specific math resources:

Kitchen Math.  Media Call # 641.50151 KITCHEN 1999. Covers measuring, units of measurement, and math used in cooking and baking.

Health Occupations: Math. Media Call # 510.2461 HEALTH 2005o. The mathematics of ratios and proportions for medication.

Math for the Construction Trades. Media Call #  510.246 MATH-FO 1985c. This video concentrates on the math necessary to estimate materials for construction—area, volume, perimeter.

Many math video and DVDs can be useful to students in all programs:

Basic Math: Using the Calculator. Media Call # 510.284 USING 1998c. Using a calculator with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Pre-GED Mathematics. Media Call # 373.1262 PRE-GED 2002m. Five hours of material on algebra and geometry.

GED Mathematics. Media Call # 373.1262 GED-MAT 2000m. Statistics, probability analysis, and more geometry and algebra.

Math at Work. Media Call # 331.702 WOMEN 1997m. Do your female students need encouragement to study math?  This video doesn’t teach the subject, but it emphasizes why math is important in the trades.

The library carries several amusing videos by the Standard Deviants on different aspects of mathematics. These are just of few of their titles.

  • The Zany World of Basic Math. Media Call # 513.2 ZANY-WO 1997.
  • The Pumped-Up World of Pre-Algebra. Media Call # 512.9 PUMPED 1998p
  • The Adventurous World of College Algebra. Media Call # 512.9 ADVENTU 1996w
  • The Many-Sided World of Geometry. Media Call # 516 MANY-SI 1999w
  • The Candy-Coated World of Calculus. Media Call # 515 CANDY 1998w.

If students want to practice their mathematics skills, the Math Links page connects them to several helpful resources. This Library web page,, offers links to sites where viewers can learn and practice fractions, decimals, ratios.  Other sites help with algebra, or offer online textbooks or mathematics dictionaries.

       Interpersonal Skills

We often teach more than technical competence.  These resources help teach life skills:

Arizona Idol.  Media 371.93 ARIZONA 200Ui.  A funny look at  disruptive classroom behaviors. Start a discussion about the conduct you expect from your students with this 9 minute video based on the series American Idol.

Getting Ahead by Getting Along. Media 658.3145 GETTING 1998a. An amusing 16 minute video on truthfulness, different works styles, and supporting co-workers.

Arts of Criticism: Giving and Taking. Media  158.2 ARTS-CR 1996.  How to give criticism constructively, and how to accept it. 

It’s About Respect: Recognizing Harassment in a Diverse Workplace. Media  658.3145 ITS-ABO 2002r.  Harassment can be subtle or blatant. People can be harassed about their race, age, ethnicity. This is an excellent video on how to avoid harassment.

Developing a Professional Image. Media 650.1 DEVELOP 2000p.  This video discusses dress and body language, positive attitude, and appropriate communication style.

Keeping Teams Together. Media 658.4036 KEEPING 1993t. Covers how to form a team, how to work in a team, how to deal with inevitable conflict.

Trivia: Unravel the thread of one silkworm cocoon, and you have a thread a little over 1/2 mile long.  One pound of silk represents about 1,000 miles of thread.


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