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Educational Media
This three-times a year newsletter is published by the Renton Technical College Library.  If you have any suggestions for topics, please call the library at     (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at

The library has over 1300 videos and DVDs covering the RTC curriculum. Want to know if we have anything for your RTC program? Call us at (425) 235-2331.

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Safety In Any Setting

Noise and You—20 minutes. Hearing loss is a common work-related injury. This video covers when noise is dangerous, the signs of hearing damage, how to assess noise, how to reduce it, and how to choose and maintain ear protection gear.  MEDIA 363.74 NOISE 2002a


Using Fire Extinguishers—18 minutes.  All about fire extinguishers. Includes checking to make sure an extinguisher is ready to use. Which fire extinguishers should be used for different kinds of fires.   How  fires burn and how extinguishers put them out.  MEDIA 628.925 USING 2005f.


Material Safety Data Sheets—15 minutes. Almost every workplace has hazardous chemicals—and  should have MSDS.  This video teaches how to read and use MSDS.  MEDIA 604.7 ANSI-M 1994s


Industrial Ergonomics—17 minutes. Back pain, sore hands and aching feet are all common signs of ergonomic injury.  This video looks the results of the three most common ergonomic risks (awkward postures, repetitive movements, and the use of excessive force) and at ways to control or change risk factors. MEDIA 620.82 INDUSTR 2002e.


Adult Bystander CPR—The ABCD’s of CPR, Adult Version—34  minutes.  “How to prevent, recognize, and treat for a heart attack or stroke”. It also includes how to clear an airway obstruction. The treatments demonstrated includes rescue breathing, and CPR.  MEDIA 616.1025 ADULT 2004b


Safety for Supervisors

Risk Assessment for Industry – 16 minutes. Live action, some animation. Looks at the steps for risk management – identifying hazards, then assessing and controlling them. Featured dangers include asphyxiation, electrocution, housekeeping problems, and chemical burns.  The video covers the different ways of workplaces can chose to dealing with hazards; eliminating them, substituting different materials or practices, isolating hazards, or using administrative controls.  MEDIA 363.102 RISK-AS 2000i

Safety Leadership  18 minutes.  Aimed at managers who will be responsible for safety training. Looks at setting goals for safety programs, working with employees to identify safe work practices for individual jobs,  worksites and companies. Also looks at training documentation.    MEDIA 363.11 SAFETY 1998L

Communicating Safety16 minutes. Live action with some animation.  Good for both office and factory.  Complete with a instructors booklet.  Covers different kinds of accidents, reporting accidents and near misses, looking for possible hazards, minimizing stress and distractions, and what to do if you’re new to the job.  MEDIA 363.11 COMMUNI 1999s.

Safety Audit5 minutes.  An introduction to the objectives and benefits of safety audits. Topics covered include: how to start a program, identifying what you want the program to do, involving the supervisors, giving them information on what will be examined, and who should do the audit. MEDIA 363.11 SAFETY 1990a

       Back to Basics: Lifting and Carrying

Steps for Safe lifting and Carrying—7 minutes. This is a strange, but brief and funny, introduction to the facts of safe lifting. (It involves a visitor from the future.) MEDIA 363.11 STEPS 1995L

Back Safety for Mechanics—40 minutes. How to protect your back while doing common tasks such as handling batteries or tires.  Also includes exercises to strengthen your back. MEDIA 617.56 BACK 1998s

Lift  Trucks, Pallet Movers, and Carts—17 minutes. The best way to protect your back is to use equipment to do the heavy lifting.  This video covers the best ways to safely  use hand carts, and other lift and carry equipment.  MEDIA 621.86 LIFT-TR 1999p.

Levantar peso correctamente en la industria (Safe lifting for industry.) - 22 minutes. Spanish language video. How to lift safely, how to assess risks related to lifting and carrying, and exercises to strengthen the body.  MEDIA   363.11 LEVANTA 1998p


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