Educational Media  Volume 2, #3  2006

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Working on Those Soft Skills


Work on the Web

Customer Service Skills

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Educational Media

This three-times-a-year newsletter is published by the  Renton Technical College Library. It is intended to spotlight issues regarding the use of  educational media—videos, DVDs, audiotapes, software, and other electronic resources. If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, please call the library at  (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at .




Finding a Job and Keeping It

As you wave goodbye to  graduating students, here’s a statistic to consider: It may take upward of four months to find a job. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics.) And another statistic: about one-quarter of new hires don’t last a year in that new job.   (Anne Fisher, Fortune Magazine.) 

Are you looking for videos and other resources to help students find a job?  Or to reinforce the people skills they need to keep it?  Then read on; that’s what this issue is about.  

In “Library Resources for Job Hunters”, below,  we list a few of the ways the RTC Library can offer assistance in the job search. We don’t just provide  books and videos; we also offer computer access, web sites with job links, and databases that help students locate potential employers.

The first thing most job hunters do is create a resume that will catch the potential employers eye, and a cover letter.  See “Resumes” on page 2 for a few of the useful titles we carry.

Next they need to figure out where to send their new resume.  See “Work on the Web” on page 3.

After their impeccable resume has earned them the notice of several employers, then the student has to  worry about those tricky interview questions. For help with that, see “Interviewing” on page 2.

Adjusting to a new workplace can be difficult. In “Working on Those Soft Skills”, on page 2, we look at videos and DVDs on presenting a professional image and adjusting to new people and situations. 

Finally, in “Customer Service Skills”, on page 3, we look at a few resources on dealing with all types of customers.


Library Resources for Job Hunters

RTC Library has an entire “Careers and Jobs” section—called C/J for short.  It includes directories of employers,  books on career selection, on employment trends, on creating resumes and cover letters, on interviewing, and on finding that first job. 

The Library web site also features helpful pages for the job seeker.  One is “Job Links on the Internet” at  This offers links to city, county, and national job sites, both in the public and private sector.  Many of the program pages also offer links to industry associations that offer job listings.

The Library also offers a workshop on online employment searching. This one-hour session gives your students hands-on guided practice using some of the more popular online job sites, including the ones listed in the page 3 article  “Work on the Web”.  Call Debbie Crumb at x5678 to schedule this workshop.

Reference USA is an RTC Library database that is especially useful to job hunters.  It allows them to locate potential employers, and learn a little bit about the company.  They can limit their search by zip code, by yellow pages heading, by a company’s sales or its number of employees , or by a number of other criteria.

In the Media section, we also have videos covering a wide variety of job hunting issues; everything from maintaining a professional appearance to negotiating for salary. Several of  these videos are mentioned on pages 2 and 3 of this newsletter.  

RTC Library has other ways of assisting the job hunter. We have forty-two computers with internet access, where students can search web sites and reply to the many job advertisements that require an emailed resume.

Those computers also have Microsoft Word—useful for creating and tailoring resumes for different listings— and Publisher which allows them to create business cards and brochures if they decide to go into business for themselves. 



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