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The library has over 1300 videos and DVDs covering the RTC curriculum. Want to know if we have anything for your RTC program? Call us at (425) 235-2331.

The library is located at: 3000 NE Fourth St, Renton, WA 98056



Faculty Links

Is there a place where you can find not only a link to the RTC web site map, but also links to the web sites of all the other Washington state Technical and Community colleges?  Where you can find web sites on learning styles? And more links to tutorials for your students on test taking, studying, and time management?

  Yes!  It’s the Faculty Links page on the RTC Library web site, at .

This page is intended to collect links to sites that will be of use to you as an instructor .  There are links to pages on program assessment, to the  Office of Instructional Improvement,  to a list of workshops the library offers, to pages on copyright and detecting and dealing with plagiarism. There are even links on taxes and finance. And a Hot Topic link to resources for planning your Constitution day event.

  We’re always looking for good links for this page. If you know one you think we should add, please let us know.

  We also have a page for students.  It’s called Student Life Links, and it offers similar information, plus information on finding jobs, financial aid, and computer training.  It’s at


Want to Share Those Great Articles?

Mail Them As A Web Page.

If you want to share the citations you found in ProQuest or EBSCOhost with your students or colleagues, there are several different ways to do so.  One of the most interesting ways is to format them in a web page, and email the page. 

While both ProQuest and EBSCOhost offer this option, EBSCOhost offers a much more finished product.   The far column shows a sample EBSCOhost page, with different fonts, background colors and page divider.  You can add images from your files to the page, and you can also send the finished page to several people simultaneously.

ProQuest’s web page feature is much simpler, allowing you to add a title and comments, and select a few elements  you want to include in your page.

If you don’t want to email these pages,  you can download them, and display them on  your classroom’s data projector.

Your Own Virtual Bookbag

Remember that really good video you checked out of RTC Library last year?  The one with an animation that gave the perfect answer to the question your student just asked?  Now—do  you remember that video’s title? 

The Library staff can’t tell you what  you checked out—that record was wiped when you returned it.  So how do you keep tabs on that great  resource for next year? Try using the library catalog’s Bookbag function.

To call up this up, just click on the red and white Bookbag button when you’re in the catalog.  You’ll be asked for your RTC Library barcode number (it’s on the back of your library card) and your last name. When you see the Bookbag screen, just click on the Search button, and find the item you want to save. Then select the item—by clicking in the box to the left of the record number if you’re looking at a page of records— and click on the “Save To Bookbag” button at the bottom. The record is now saved until you choose to  delete it.  And you can save as many as you like!


Can We Do a Hot Topics Page For You?

Are there special research assignments that your  students need assistance with?  If so, consider asking the Library to put together a “Hot Topics” page.  These are web pages with  links and bibliographies of useful books and

articles carried in RTC Library. 


We currently have Hot Topics  pages on subjects such as finding biographies of cooks (,  theories of  nursing  ( ),and  finding material safety data sheet information on the web    (  Contact  Laura Staley at X5679 for more information.


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