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Educational Media
This three-times a year newsletter is published by the Renton Technical College Library.  If you have any suggestions for topics, please call the library at     (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at

The library has over 1300 videos and DVDs covering the RTC curriculum. Want to know if we have anything for your RTC program? Call us at (425) 235-2331.

The library is located at: 3000 NE Fourth St, Renton, WA 98056



Using Media in the Classroom

A Bibliography of Useful Sources

In RTC Library:

Teaching on TV and Video.

Call #: 371.3358 AYERS 1999


Switched on?: Video Resources in  Modern Language Settings.

Call #: 418.00284  FAWKES 1999



On the Web:


Video in theory and practice: Issues for classroom use and teach video evaluation. /downloads/VidPM.pdf


Practical aspects of using video in the foreign language classroom: Current theory on the use of  video as an educational medium of instruction.


8 Reasons to Use Multimedia

1.  Use it to show skills or procedures you canít easily demonstrate or practice in the classroom.

2.  Use it to show an environment that you canít recreate in the classroom.

3.  Use it to lower the anxiety students feel when they are going into an unfamiliar workplace.

4.  Use it to encourage critical thinking by:

  • Stopping the action and challenging your students to predict the outcome of a sequence.

  • Asking students to identify (or define) the professional terminology they hear.

  • Asking students to summarize the most useful thing they learned.

  • Debating what else might have been done in that situation.

5.  Use it to teach   special safety rules or procedures. Use a commercial video, or make your own.

6.  Use it to entertain!  Entertaining and informative titles include  ďThe Invisible Man Meets the MummyĒ Ė a customer service video by CRM, the many basic skills tapes by the Standard Deviants, or the No-brainers tapes on writing resumes.

7. 7.  Make your own to provide personal feedback to your students.

8.  Use it to help your ESL students learn  the vocabulary of their trade, with pronunciation and accents, and to test learning comprehension.  And if itís a library video, they can check it out to review the lesson at home!


True: The first Harley-Davidson prototype used a tomato can for a carburetor.


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