Data Integrity Group (DIG)

The purpose of RTC’s Data Integrity Group (DIG) is to promote shared accountability among key stakeholders of data. The plan relies upon a collaborative team representing key administrative offices that help ensure data is collected, measured, and reported in an accurate and consistent manner. Data integrity initiatives support a culture of evidence by identifying key data measures and ensuring accurate and consistent production, input, and reporting of these measures. Data integrity is an on-going process that will continue to play an integral role in all departments and divisions of the college.

Statement of Purpose and Priorities

2016-2017 DIG Member List

2016-2017 DIG Action Items

May 2016 Newsletter

January 2016 Newsletter

2015-2016 DIG Member List

DIG Report for College Council Meeting May 2015

2015-2016 DIG Action Items


If you would like to request data from the IR Office, please submit the IR Data Request Form.

Jichul Kim
Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
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