Faculty Links

Copyright and Plagiarism
Useful information and links on copyright and plagiarism issues.

Career and Technical Education - Office of Vocational and Adult Education
Department of Education site with links to data and assessment of vocational education programs.

Center for Implementing Technology in Education
A US Department of Education page offering online tools and links to pages on effective use of technology to deliver instruction and assess learning.

Community and Technical Colleges Web Sites
View the web sites for the Washington state community and technical colleges.

Google Translate
Look up words in many different languages. And if you'd like to learn Spanish, French, German, or Italian try the free BBC language site.

IRS Tax forms
Print or download official Internal Revenue Service tax forms.

Merlot II
Information on online teaching resources.

RTC Library Workshops
A list of information literacy workshops available from the Renton Technical College Library.

Study Guides and Strategies
Need a quick guide to study skills, time management, or test taking for your students?  Check out this multi-language site.

Universal Design for Learning at RTC
UDL promotes the use of multiple strategies for accessing classroom and text materials to assist all students, not just those who have been diagnosed as having learning disabilities. For more information about this, see RTC's UDL page and useful links.

Hot Topics!

Tenure and Faculty Assessment
RTC resources on the tenure process, tenure committee activities, and teaching portfolios.