Advisory Council

A key contributor to the College's success in training students is its advisory committees. The Renton Technical College Advisory Council, whose membership consists of volunteers from business, industry, labor, and community based organizations, advises administration on issues related to all of its instructional programs. Special emphasis is placed on WorkFirst and Worker Retraining programs. Full-time and part-time programs, apprenticeship programs and programs are also served by separate program advisory committees, which are comprised of volunteer representatives from management and labor who are currently working in the applicable field.

These committees work with faculty and administration to ensure that program content is consistent with current employment needs; recommend competent journey level workers and technicians as instructors; assess the adequacy of facilities, supplies, materials and equipment; monitor each program's placement record and evaluate overall program performance. Annually, each committee specifies in writing whether a program should be expanded, curtailed, maintained or abolished. These dedicated advisory committee members volunteer their time and energy to ensure that the College provides quality education.