Cloud Network Technology

The Cloud Network Technology program is designed for entry-level students to develop skills needed to gain employment as cloud practitioners, computer network technicians, configuration and support technicians, and network and computer systems administrators. Students progress through classes in maintenance and repair of Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating systems implemented in physical and cloud-based environments. Students are prepared for industry certifications, including CCNA, Linux+ and AWS Cloud Practitioner.

Enrollment Point: Fall, Winter, Spring

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AAS - Transfer
6 Quarters
92 Credits

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Colleen Day, William Sanderson, Ren Tarvin

Entry Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • No admission requirements

Admission Recommendations

  • Typing skills of 25 words per minute highly recommended.
  • Need to brush up on your tech skills? Check out our Bridge to IT course!

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  1. Connect with an Entry Adviser and complete the Admissions Application to get a student ID number
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  3. Register for classes once registration opens. Directions for how to register can be found here: ctcLink for Students page.
    • Required:
      • CNT 156 CompTIA A+ Core I – Item number L104
      • CSI 120 Computer Programming I – Item number L510
      • COL 101 College Success – You get to decide which day/time works best for you. You can look up the days/times offered by searching for College Success here: 
        • You are required to take this course to graduate. If you do not register for it yourself, we will add it to your schedule.

        • If you have attended college previously and earned 30 college-level credits (with a 2.0 or higher) you may be able to waive this course. Please email the adviser you have been working with to check.

    • Highly Recommended
      • We recommend that you add on a social science class in your first quarter. One of these classes is required for graduation but you can choose to take the class later on in the program (if you choose to take the class later it may take you longer to graduate). Taking this class during your first quarter will result in a heavier than average full-time course workload. Refer to the class schedule for social science class options (ANTH&106, ANTH&234, PSYC&100, SOC&101) or visit the RTC Catalog for a quarter-by-quarter breakdown example.
For help or additional questions, please contact advising:

Info Sessions via Zoom

This session will provide information specifically about Cloud Network Technology program.

If you have any questions about the virtual information sessions, please contact Colleen Day, Instructor, at

Session dates/times:

  • TBA

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Course Information

Requirements for AAS-T Degree:

Course # Course Title Credits
COL 101 College Success 2
CNT 156 Bits and Bytes of Cloud Computing 5
CNT 160 Core Networking and Cloud Computing 5
CNT 240 Routing and Switching I 5
CNT 250 Routing and Switching II 5
CNT 254 Network Infrastructure 5
CNT 256 AWS Cloud Foundations 5
CNT 259 Secure Enterprise Networks 5
CNT 262 Introduction to Databases with SQL 5
CNT 263 CompTIA Linux+ 5
CNT 264 Applied Network Concepts 5
CNT 290 Next Level Networking Topics or  
CNT 294 Internship/Cooperative Education 5
CSI 120 Computer Programming I 5
ANTH& 106 American Mosaic or  
ANTH& 234 Religion and Culture or  
PSYC& 100 General Psychology or  
SOC& 101 Introduction to Sociology 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
MATH 136* Inferential Statistics or  
MATH& 107* Math in Society or  
MATH& 141* Precalculus I or  
MATH& 146* Introduction to Statistics or  
  More advanced math option 5
  Three approved general education options 15
  Total 92

*These math courses have prerequisites. Students can successfully complete AMATH 190 to fulfill prerequisite requirements as well as count towards one of their approved general education options.

Approved General Education Courses:

Approved General Education classes are listed below. Students should choose options that meet their career and educational goals. Transfer credits and requests to take a class not listed below must be approved by the program Dean.

Course # Course Title Credits
ACCT& 201 Principles of Accounting I 5
AMATH 190 Financial Algebra 5
ANTH& 106 American Mosaic 5
ART& 100 Art Appreciation 5
BIOL& 100 Survey of Biology 5
CMST 280 Intercultural Communication 5
CMST& 101 Introduction to Communication 5
CMST& 220 Public Speaking 5
ECON& 201 Microeconomics 5
ECON& 202 Macroeconomics 5
ENGL& 102 Composition II 5
GEOL& 101 Introduction to Physical Geology 5
HIST 110 Survey of American History 5
HIST& 126 World Civilization I 5
HUM& 101 Introduction to Humanities 5
MATH 092 Descriptive Statistics with Algebra II 5
MATH& 142 Precalculus II 5
MATH& 148 Business Calculus 5
MATH& 151 Calculus I 5
MUSC& 105 Music Appreciation 5
NUTR& 101 Human Nutrition 5
PSYC& 100 General Psychology 5
SOC& 101 Introduction to Sociology 5

Program Outcomes

Obtain knowledge and experience in the computer networking field.

  • Possess technical skills to successfully manage and troubleshoot system environments running on the Windows and Linux operating systems in cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Develop knowledge and skills necessary to gain employment as computer network technicians or related roles.
  • Be prepared to participate in computer networking industry certification processes, e.g., TestOut PC Pro, TestOut ServerPro, TestOut LinuxPro, TestOut SecurityPro, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Linux+ and AWS Cloud Practitioner.


External accreditation is not applicable to this program.


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