Contact the Library

Updated hours and limited in-person services available.


Name Contact Information
Emily Elliott
Associate Dean of the Library
425-235-2352 Ext. 5678


Name Contact Information
Laura Staley
Faculty Librarian
425-235-2352 Ext. 5679

Available 7 a.m.-3 p.m.

Jennie Vano
Adjunct Faculty Librarian
Di Zhang
Facult Librarian - Instruction
425-235-2352 Ext. 5571


Name Contact Information

Yueh-Lin Chen
Library Specialist
425-235-2352 Ext. 5676

Library Paraprofessional
425-235-2331 Ext. 5551

Keyth Sokol
Library Specialist
425-235-2352 Ext. 5572

Jade Gidley
Library Coordinator
425-235-2352 Ext. 5677


Inside the RTC library; a person walking, motion blurred, walking past the computers, books, and magazines

RTC Library
3000 NE Fourth Street
Renton,  WA 98056

Building C - 2nd Floor
(425) 235-2331
(425) 336-2764 (text only)