Core Themes, Objectives and KPIs

In fulfillment of the Standards of Accreditation set forth by NWCCU, RTC has four core themes that support and align with the mission of the College. The mission of Renton Technical College is to prepare a diverse student population for work, fulfilling the employment needs of individuals, business, and industry. In addition to the core themes outlined below, the College has identified core theme objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring the effectiveness of our work toward mission fulfillment.

Core Theme 1: Student Success

Renton Technical College provides student access that reflects the diverse demographic makeup of its community. Equity is achieved by high success and completion rates of all students, data-informed decision making and student-centered policies and practices throughout the institution.

Core Theme 2: Workforce Education

Renton Technical College delivers workforce education programs that fulfill student and industry needs through preparation for viable career pathways. Industry needs are met through competency and outcomes based teaching, learning, and hands-on training facilities that reflect workplace best practices. Students become resilient workers by completing innovative educational programs that incorporate current industry trends. 

Core Theme 3: Basic Skills Education

Renton Technical College offers basic skills courses that support the transition of students to college level study and career pathways. Student progression is supported through ESL instruction, high-school completion options, college-readiness instruction, and integration of basic skills instruction into workforce programs.

Core Theme 4: Institutional Sustainability

Renton Technical College cultivates, manages and prioritizes its financial, human and physical resources to advance the mission of the college. An optimal learning environment is created through a diverse and innovative faculty and staff, deployment of technologies that enhance teaching and student engagement, and financial planning that supports the college’s strategic priorities.

For more information about RTC’s core themes, objectives and KPIs, click here.

To obtain access to RTC’s core theme dashboard and scorecard, go to the RTC SharePoint Site. This is a restricted use dashboard that is only available to RTC employees. To access the dashboard, when prompted, enter your RTC username and password (the same username and password used to log into your computer). If you have trouble accessing the dashboard, contact Jichul Kim, Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, at