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Welcome to ctcLink!

RTC employees can get their new ctcLink IDs and log in starting March 1.

ctcLink Log in*

*Problems have been reported system-wide with various tiles not appearing in some browsers (ex. missing "Enter Time" tile). If it does not appear on your tiles, please try viewing the page using Firefox.

ctcLink Tutorials

This guide shows how to activate your Washington state ctcLink Account.

  • Employees will use their current ID number to retrieve their new ctcLink ID during the following account activation steps.
  • RTC students and employees with an already activated ctcLink ID and account will find the RTC (tile) access point in their ctcLink account.
  • These instructions are also shown in this video.

ctcLink LOGIN

  1. Open a browser & disable its pop-up blocker, if needed
  2. Go to the ctcLink login page
    • IMPORTANT: Activating your new ctcLink account for the first time must be done through the ctcLink “full site” link above, NOT the ctcLink mobile site
  3. Click the Activate Your Account (link) and a pop-up message displays
  4. Click the OK (button)
  5. Enter your First Name and Last Name as it’s listed with the college.
  6. Enter your Date of Birth as MM/DD/YYYY or click the calendar (icon) to enter it
  7. From the ID Type (drop-down menu) select:
    • ctcLink ID (new) if a new student or employee w/RTC
    • SID (old) if a current/returning student or employee w/RTC
  8. In the ID (input field) enter either your ctcLink ID# or your SID#
  9. Click Submit (button)


  1. Enter your recovery email address
  2. Select security question from the (dropdown) menu
  3. Enter your answer to the security question you selected
  4. Account Recovery Code (Options):
    • For an (SMS) text message enter your Phone Number
    • For a voicemail message enter your Phone Number
  5. Password – Must have at least 8 characters that include:
    • At least 1 uppercase letter
    • At least 1 lowercase letter
    • At least 1 number
  6. Confirm Password – Enter your newly created password again
  7. Click the Submit (button)
  8. After you’ve clicked the Submit (button) a popup window and message will display to provide your new ctcLink IDentification number (ctcLink ID)
  9. Take a screenshot of your new ctcLink ID# with your smartphone and also write it down and store it someplace safe because it’s not easy to recover!
  10. Click the OK (button) for Account Activation confirmation (popup message)


  1. recovery email address
  2. hint word for secret question’s answer
  3. recovery phone number
  4. ctcLink ID#
  5. ctcLink password

After you log in to ctcLink, please check to make sure your information is correct.

  1. Go to the ctcLink login page
  2. Enter your ctcLink ID and password, and click Sign In
  3. Select Employee Self Service
  4. Select the Personal Details tile
  5. You may now review and update the following information:
    • Addresses
    • Contact Details
    • Name
    • Ethnic Groups
    • Emergency Contacts
    • And more

This guide shows RTC employees how to report payable days and hours worked.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the ctcLink login page
  2. Enter your ctcLink ID and click Next
  3. Enter your Password and click Verify
  4. Select HCM Self-Service
  5. Select the Time (tile)
  6. Select the Enter Time (tile)
  7. The Enter Time page displays
    • View Legend: Click top-left link for icon descriptions on this page.
    • Time Reporting Code/Time Details: Select from left dropdown menu the type of time you’re reporting its row.
  8. Enter Time Details
    • For each day worked, enter hours worked and show partial hours worked as decimals. Example 7 and one half hour = 7.5
  9. Click Submit
    • NOTE: If there was a scheduled holiday and you entered work hours on it, you will get a pop-up warning message asking you to click cancel and return to the Timesheet (Enter Time) page to save or change your reported time.
  10. Employee Affirmation displays
  11. Click OK
  12. The Entered Time page displays
  13. If needed, it’ll next be sent to your supervisor/manager for approval

This guide shows hourly employees and work study students how to daily report payable time.


  • Hourly employees MUST submit worked times DAILY
  • Successfully reported worked times will turn the day’s RED bar GREEN and then email your supervisor
  • ONLY approved times submissions are paid
  • It is your responsibility to report your worked time BEFORE or ON the last day (well before midnight) of each pay period
  • Timecards are locked at midnight on the last day of each pay period (Example: the 15th and 30th of a month)
  • LATE reports go through supervisors, only. Supervisors then submit these to Payroll
  • Late reports are paid two weeks later in the next pay period.
  • No Emergency Checks will be issued

ctcLink LOGIN

  1. Open a web browser and disable its popup blocker
  2. Go to the ctcLink login page
  3. Enter your ctcLink Identification Number (ctcLink ID) and click Next
  4. Enter your ctcLink Password and click Verify
  5. Select HCM Self-Service
  6. Select TIME (tile)
  7. Select your JOB title (dropdown menu) and click APPLY (button)
  8. Click the best TIME (tile) for you to report your worked hours
  9. For each worked day, report your IN (start of work day), LUNCH (start), IN (return), and OUT (end of work day) work times & include AM or PM for each time. The Quantity field will auto-calculate
  10. Work Study students, select your Time Reporting Code (TRC) for each reported day’s row
    • SWS = State Work Study
    • FWS = Federal Work Study
    • WFS = Work First Work Study
    • Don’t know your TRC? Ask your supervisor or Payroll
  11. Click SUBMIT to report your worked times
  12. Important reminders
    • Successfully entered worked times will turn the RED bar GREEN for each day and then email your supervisor
    • Apply the correct TRC for each worked day’s row. If you’re not sure of yours, ask your supervisor or payroll
    • Only ontime and approved time reports are paid on time
    • Late timesheets are sent to your supervisor for approval. Your supervisor submits late time reports to payroll and these won’t be paid until next pay period
    • No emergency checks will be issued

Need help with your timesheet? Contact your supervisor or email payroll@rtc.edu.

Employees will request leave/absences time through ctcLink, and supervisors will approve or deny requests.

  1. Go to the ctcLink login page
  2. Enter your ctcLink ID and password, and click Sign In
  3. Select Employee Self Service
  4. Select the Time tile
  5. Select the Request Absence tile
  6. The Request Absence page will display.
    • If you have multiple jobs, select the appropriate Job from the drop-down menu.
    • Select Absence Name from the drop-down menu. Optionally you can also select an Absence Reason.
    • NOTE: If the Absence has to do with FMLA, the Absence Reason is required.
  7. Select a Start Date and an End Date.
    • Based on the Start and End Date, the Duration will dynamically generate.
    • If the Absence is not for a full day, select Partial Days.
      • NOTES:
        • PTF will always submit Partial Day absences.
        • None: no part of the absence is a partial day.
        • End Day Only: the last day of the absence is a partial day.
        • Start Day Only: the first day of the absence is a partial day.
        • Start and End Days: both the start and the end days of the absence are partial days.
        • All Days: every day of the absence is a partial day.
    • If Partial Days is chosen the user must indicate:
      • Is the End Day a Half Day? (Yes or No).
      • If the answer is no, then how many hours is the partial day absence for? (Duration in hours).
      • Select the Done button to return to the Request Absence page.
      • Comments are available for the employee and are Optional.
        • NOTE: These cannot be deleted from the system and are considered public records.
  8. Select the Submit button and then select the Yes. Then the status will change to Submitted.

This guide is a reference for approving reported payable time for employees.

NOTES: When possible, process:

  • absences & leaves requests, first
  • payable time reports, second
  • the deadline for Payable Time, Leave & Absence approvals is before midnight on the last night of a pay period
  • supervisors must approve late reports & submit them to Payroll
  • late reports will NOT be processed until the next payroll is issued (approximately two weeks after the end of each pay period)
  • NO emergency checks will be issued

ctcLink LOGIN

  1. Open a web browser and disable its popup blocker
  2. Go to the ctcLink login page
  3. Enter your ctcLink Identification Number (ctcLink ID) & click Next
  4. Enter your ctcLink Password and click Verify
  5. Select Manager Self-Service
    • Alternatively, in the ctcLink dashboard, you can click the top row heading any time to reveal the Manager Self Service (see page 5 of slides).
  6. Click APPROVALS (tile)
  7. If the ALL (button) is selected, then all rows are checked
  8. Individual checkbox rows can be checked as an alternative
  9. Select row of Report Date / TRC combinations to view Payable Timeline Details
  10. (Optional) At the bottom of the page, you can enter Approver Comments
  11. Check box(es) & click APPROVE or DENY (buttons, top right) to process requests and then a message is sent to the employee re: the action taken by their manager/supervisor


  • The Payable Time, Leave and Absence approval deadline is before midnight on the last night of each pay period
  • Supervisors must approve late reports & submit them to payroll
  • Late reports will not be processed until the next payroll (approximately two weeks after the end of each pay period)
  • NO emergency checks will be issued

Please review your ctcLink Manager Self-Service ctcLink Reference Guides for WA SBCTC’s most current information.

Benefits for Employees

  • Self-service tools to manage personal information and other college business
  • Consolidated payroll processing and a full suite of HR tools and services
  • An online, integrated suite of financial tools and the ability to create automated approval workflow processes for purchasing, travel authorizations, expense reimbursements, and more
  • A set of mobile-friendly online tools to handle college business
  • A single ID that can be used throughout the Washington community and technical college system
  • 24/7 access to online tools where faculty can view schedules, manage classes, print rosters, send messages to students, survey final exam schedules, and enter grades

ctcLink at RTC logo

Need More Help?

  1. Talk to your supervisor or colleagues
  2. Visit the ctcLink Reference Center or refer back to your training
  3. Drop in the ctcLink Help via Teams between 2-5 p.m.
  4. Submit a ticket or check out Solutions through Service Desk

Forgot your ctcLink ID number? Try the ctcLink ID Lookup Tool