Culinary Arts Apprenticeship

Renton Technical College (RTC) announces its new American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship.  This will be a three-year program (3 quarters/year, no summer quarter) that starts Fall 2011.  Students can begin registering now by contacting Tony Parker CEC,  AAC at 425-235-2352 x2437.

The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation's (ACFEF) apprenticeship training program has been designed to provide future culinarians entering the workplace with comprehensive training in the practical and theoretical aspects of work required in a highly skilled profession.

In recent years apprenticeship has enjoyed a renewed popularity and is viewed as a high-quality method to acquire skills while learning by doing and at the same time exploring the opportunities which exist within the culinary profession.

The apprenticeship program is based on the voluntary cooperation between local chapters of the American Culinary Federation, industry and government, the individual hotel or foodservice establishments and the local school and college systems.  It is truly a cooperative endeavor.  The rich rewards of this cooperation are apprentices who learn skills on-the-job which will serve them to develop into committed and dedicated culinarians.

In 2009 the ACFEF national apprenticeship program was recognized and awarded a grant from the Department of Labor.  As part of the initiatives required to be included in this grant is a mission statement approved by the NAC which recognized sustainability in the culinary industry.  The mission statement approved at the January 2010 national Apprenticeship Committee meeting states:

"The ACFEF Apprenticeship Program fosters awareness of sustainability issues impacting the culinary industry; including energy, water, purchasing and waste.  These sustainability initiatives must exist in an environment of quality and fiscal responsibility."

Students can find more information by going to this website:

If you are interested in hearing more about the program or becoming a sponsoring house (employment location) for our apprentices please contact:

Tony Parker CEC, AAC
Renton Technical College
425-235-2352 X 2437