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Renton Technical College engages a diverse student population through educational opportunities for career readiness and advancement, serving the needs of individuals, the community, businesses, and industry. Equity and inclusion are at the heart of our mission, welcoming students from all backgrounds.


We offer a breadth of programs designed to meet students where they are and move them ahead to greater opportunity, including short- and long-term career training programs, college transfer courses, and adult basic education.

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The RTC Foundation provides quarterly scholarships
and emergency grants to allow students to focus on school.

2018-19 Academic Year
285 scholarships: $200,900
58 book & equipment grants: $21,290
197 emergency grants: $36,812


excluding program fees

Quarter: $1,567
Year: $4,701

*All information based on latest available data. Age and gender exclude apprenticeships. Diversity percentages may exceed 100% because some students self-identify with multiple races/ethnicities.


President Kevin McCarthy

Driven by our deep commitment to student success and serving a diverse population, RTC meets students where they are in their educational journey and moves them forward to greater opportunity. Our values—among them community, equity, empowerment, integrity, and learning—speak to the kind of place RTC is.

Dr. Kevin McCarthy
President, Renton Technical College


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