HIST 110 - Survey of American History (5 credits)
This survey course examines the creation and evolution of the United States beginning with the histories of pre-contact native peoples and continuing through the present time. Through the exploration of key figures, eras and events, students develop historical thinking skills, draw conclusions from competing and contradictory sources, and recognize the role of perspective in historical documentation.

HIST& 126 - World Civilization (5 credits)
This course examines the development of civilizations from prehistoric through the beginning of the middle ages. It emphasizes economic, social and political global perspectives by studying worldviews and systems of thought. Prerequisite: Eligible for COMP 100 (formerly ENGL 100) or instructor's permission.

HIST& 136 - U.S. History I (5 credits)
Reviews the significant contributions of the Colonial Period, emphasizing political and constitutional developments from the American Revolution through the Civil War. Emphasis on the Constitution and causes and consequences of the Civil War. Includes contributions and achievements of key political/legal, scientific, cultural, and military individuals.

HIST& 137 - U.S. History II (5 credits)
Covers U.S. development from the Post-Civil War Reconstruction period to the present. Includes political, social, and economic forces affecting the United States during the period of westward movement, industrialization, world wars, economic growth and world dominance. Covers profound technological developments of the twentieth century in relation to the world of work. Addresses the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of Islam in relation to the U.S. as a global power.