Lactation Room

Renton Technical College recognizes the breastfeeding needs of new mothers by providing a comfortable, private Lactation Room for students and employees.
The Lactation Room includes a mini-refrigerator, comfortable seating and a side table, and electrical outlets for breast pumps.


The Lactation Room is located in the Allied Health Building (B) Rm 122. To schedule, call Elaine Patrick, 425-235-2470 (B-127).

Guidelines for Use

The Lactation Room is for use by nursing mothers only and may be used by employees and students.

  • Registration with Elaine Patrick (425-235-2470) is required for use on an ongoing basis. Access codes will be issued for room entry.
  • The Lactation Room is available on a first-come, first-served basis Monday-Friday during business hours and as scheduled. The person whose name appears on the schedule at a designated time has priority use of the room at that scheduled time.
  • If you need to see when the room is available or you would like to be added to the schedule, please contact Elaine Patrick. If you use the Lactation Room, it is your responsibility to keep yourself on schedule and notify Elaine of any changes in your schedule and/or discontinued use of the room.
  • Mothers using the space are responsible for providing personal breast pumps and accessories.
  • Abuse of any Lactation Room will suspend your right to use it and may result in disciplinary action as appropriate.
  • It is the responsibility of everyone using the Lactation Room to clean up after themselves. This is not only out of respect for the next user, but to prevent contamination and illness transmission. The custodial staff will clean the rooms nightly as part of the regular cleaning schedule.
  • Milk stored in the Lactation Room should be properly labeled with the mother’s name and date, so it is not inadvertently confused with another mother’s milk. Each person is responsible for proper labeling and storage of expressed milk. The College will not be responsible for stored milk and milk left in the refrigerator. Any milk not retrieved within three (3) calendar days will be properly discarded.

Other Institutional Support for Employees

Breaks during work hours: Breastfeeding employees are allowed to breastfeed or express milk during work hours. Breastfeeding support is provided up to two years after the child's birth.

The Lactation Room is available to employees. If employees prefer, they may also breastfeed or express milk in their own private offices. Students and employees may also use other comfortable locations, as coordinated and agreed upon with the individual area supervisor.

Additionally, there is a Lactation Room located in Building M (Public Health) on the North end of campus. It is accessible off their lobby ad users are requested to check in with the receptionist if they intend to use it. Please contact Julie Stachowiak, (206) 477-6905 or

For questions or comments about Lactation Room or its usage, please contact: Human Resources 425-235-7874. To schedule use of the room please contact Elaine Patrick at 425-235-2470 ( in the Dean’s office (room B-127).