Instructional designer wins eLearning Award

Instructional designer Yun Moh won the Connie Broughton Innovation in eLearning Award for his work implementing the FLEX courses at Renton Technical College.

Liz Falconer, director for Innovative Teaching and Learning at the college, nominated Moh for rolling out the FLEX Modality (Flexible Learning Experiences) at RTC. FLEX allows students to decide whether to attend class virtually, live, or afterward, with little or no difference in their learning. This modality empowers student success regardless of what life events come their way. It places flexibility in learning on multiple levels and leads towards a more personalized learning experience.

The award is sponsored by the Washington eLearning Council and presented to members of the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges for innovative work in the field of eLearning. Moh will also receive an invitation to present his work at a Washington Canvas Conference WACCy Wednesday webinar.

“This is amazing! I'm honored to be nominated, and I'm thrilled to represent the amazing groups of faculty, staff, and students at RTC,” Moh said. “It has been a total team effort of all involved. The FLEX modality will be the core of our EDI and Accessibility initiatives. And I must mention the leadership from Liz Falconer and Stephanie Delaney has been imperative. Thank you for your time and energy in running the Connie Broughton award.”

Yun Moh, instructional designer

Yun Moh, instructional designer