Monitoring Reports

The Institutional Advancement (IA) Division at RTC publishes two operational plan monitoring reports annually. The Operational Plan Mid-Year Monitoring Report and the Operational Plan Year-End Monitoring Report are distributed campus-wide and shared with Executive Cabinet and the Board of Trustees. The 2015-16 Operational Plan Mid-Year Report is the College’s first annual monitoring report.

Monitoring reports provide readers with an overview of the College’s progress toward mission fulfillment. Reports include the most recent available data. The mid-year report is published annually in March (spring) and the year-end report in September (fall).

The impetus for which these reports are created is to provide the campus community with an overview of the College’s outcomes and key indicators for measuring success. Each core theme includes objectives and KPIs for monitoring the operational activities that ultimately support each core theme. Twenty KPIs serve as overarching measures for which the College measures success. These indicators are meant to evolve as the College evolves. Although the College has identified 20 KPIs, there are several other indicators for which faculty, staff, administrators and the Institutional Research (IR) Office use to measure and monitor progress.