Multi Modal Lending Bank

Renton Technical College , through a special demonstration grant from the Department of Education-Office of Post Secondary Education, is providing a variety of multi modal technologies to instructional classrooms to help students be more successful learners. Instructors are able to try out these tools to see which best fit the content area and learning styles of their students. The following are some of the Multi Modal Technologies available for instructors to use:

Hitachi Starboard Panel

Functions like a monitor -hooked to LCD projector- writes notes that can be projected to whiteboard, saved to computer, annotated with color, very visual w/colors, captures handwriting, good for instructors who want to save board notes to distribute or re-use. Pretty intuitive learning.

Polyvision Board

Large wall mounted interactive whiteboard connected to computer and LCD projector that allows for capture of board notes. Uses "virtual" color pens. Instructor stands at the whiteboard and uses stylus or finger to write. Very visual. Can run computer from whiteboard to go to internet; captures all screens.


Small portable tool which attaches to any whiteboard or easel and captures notes written with special mimeo pens. Can be connected at a later time to computer for download or can function with computer and projector to project and annotate. Similar outcome as Starboard or Polyvision but less expensive and portable. Includes audio for connecting lecture to board notes. Instructor stands at board or easel.

Tablet laptop

Laptop with moveable top which turns into a writing area. Captures handwritten notes and turns into text. Allows annotation in colors. Connect to a LCD projector to use in classroom setting. Portable; Instructor can capture notes projected onto screen and annotate; same functionality as Starboard.

Document Display Magnifier

Magnifier which connects to LCD projector and shows objects or documents and captures the display onto hard drive. No preparation of materials needed; portable; easy to use; good for magnifying paper and technical parts/tools.

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