Our Guiding Principles


Guided Pathways advance all four goals outlined in RTC’s 2017-22 Strategic Plan: Learning, Equity, Community, and Strength, and aims to help students succeed at RTC. Pathways aim to increase the number of students who earn associate’s degrees, particularly students from traditionally underrepresented groups.


Guiding Principles

  1. Map pathways to student end goals
    Staff and faculty will have input into program design and degree maps. Communication and technology will be key to success.
  2. Help students choose and enter a pathway
    Advisers will help students find their path. We will streamline our math and English curricula to shorten the paths.
  3. Keep students on the path
    We will monitor and support students, providing intervention when needed to keep students on the path to completion.
  4. Ensure that students are learning
    We will monitor learning outcomes and improve faculty and college practices to strengthen teaching.