Steering Committee


  1. Michelle Campbell – Chair, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
  2. Dr. Kevin McCarthy – Co-chair, RTC President
  3. Heather Knous-Westfall – Director of Institutional Research
  4. Marta Burnet – Director of Grant Development
  5. Jim Robinson – Faculty, Medical Assistant
  6. Jeff Pulliam – Faculty, Construction Management
  7. Alma Meza – Faculty, Basic Studies
  8. Celva Boon – Academic/Career Counselor
  9. Keeyon Scott – Student Success Specialist
  10. Jessica Supinski – Director of Student Programs and Engagement
  11. Jacque Culver – Technical Support Analyst
  12. Jose Perdomo – Bookstore Director
  13. Mark Daniels – Custodial Manager
  14. Sally Allen – Assistant Director of Human Resources
  15. Tyler Page – Board of Trustees
  16. Jacob Jackson – Executive Dean of Workforce, Trades and Economic Development
  17. Jenna Pollock – Associate Dean of Basic Studies
  18. Shweta Babel – Adjunct Faculty, Science
  19. Rebecca Chase - Adjunct Faculty, Basic Studies
  20. Francisco Martinez - Adjunct Faculty - Machine Technology
  21. Justin Whitaker - ASG Representative, Computer Network Technology
  22. Mohamed Abdullahi - ASG Representative, Computer Science
  23. Jay Townsend - RTC Foundation Board Member

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Commitment to serving on and actively participating in steering committee related work through the duration of the strategic plan development process.
  • Keep an open mind throughout the process.
  • Respect the viewpoints of other committee members, and support one another throughout the development process.
  • Communicate openly and transparently within committee structure, as well as with colleagues in varying departments across campus.
  • Attend and actively participate in all steering committee meetings. Meetings will occur bi-weekly for 2 hours. Meetings will occur on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30 p.m., unless otherwise communicated.
  • Oversee and monitor the strategic plan development process. Assist in development where applicable.
  • Facilitate internal and external stakeholder engagement meetings where applicable.
  • Assist in the implementation of the strategic planning communications plan.
  • Analyze labor market data prepared by institutional research.
  • Collect, organize and analyze data collected throughout internal and external stakeholder engagement process.
  • Show a willingness to serve on a sub-committee within the steering committee, if needed.