Professional Baking

Baking is an art and a science, combining precision and attention to detail with an appeal to the senses. In this intensive program students will learn the basics of professional baking. Students will practice scaling and mixing, dough production, retail operations and oven work. They will also study bakery math, sanitary practices, customer service, human relations. Instruction takes place in a professional kitchen that supports a retail bakery featuring baked goods, cakes and pastries finished to industry standards.

In order to please customers as they get their days going, bakers rise early. Students in the Professional Baking Program have to be on campus at 6 a.m. We want you to know the hours beforehand, in case you're not a morning person. Check out this video of students talking about why they're willing to put in the early hours.

Program Map: Guide to program costs, careers, and classes.

Enrollment Point: Fall, Winter, Spring

Professional Baking

Certificate of Completion
4 Quarters
75 Credits
Associate of Applied Science
6 Quarters
90 Credits
AAS - Transfer
Bachelor of Applied Science

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Median Salary
Projected Growth
Annual Job Openings

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All costs are estimates and are not guarantees. For the most current program information, check with an adviser by calling (425) 235-5840.

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Robert Holland

Entry Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Counselor interview prior to registration.
  • Food handler's permit.

Admission Recommendations

  • High school diploma or GED.

Course Information

Requirements for Certificate:

Course # Course Title Credits
COL 101 College Success 2
BAK 101 Ovens I 3
BAK 102 Ovens II 3
BAK 103 Doughnuts 3
BAK 104 Scaling 3
BAK 105 Mixing I 3
BAK 106 Mixing II 3
BAK 107 Cookies 3
BAK 108 Pies and Tarts 3
BAK 109 Pastries 3
BAK 110 Yeast Doughs I 3
BAK 111 Yeast Doughs II 3
BAK 112 Puff Pastries 3
BAK 113 Cakes I 3
BAK 114 Cakes II 3
BAK 115 Artisan Bread I 3
BAK 116 Artisan Bread II 3
BAK 117 Bakery Operations I 3
BAK 118 Bakery Operations II 3
BAK 119 Cakes III 3
BAK 120 French Pastries 3
BAK 160 Bakery Math 5
CUL 105 Foundations 3
CMST 280 Intercultural Communication or  
CMST& 101 Introduction to Communication 5
  Total 75

Requirements for AAS Degree:

Course # Course Title Credits
  Certificate of Completion 75
AMATH 175 Financial Math or  
AMATH 190 Financial Algebra 5
COMP 100 Applied Composition or  
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
PSYC& 100 General Psychology 5
  Total 90

Program Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Professional Baking Program:

  • Manage a multitude of tasks in a ever changing bakery production facility;
  • Convert weights and measurements in a baking environment to correctly calculate industry recipes/formulas;
  • Utilize positive communication and human relations skills in a diverse bakery;
  • Apply proper safety and sanitation standards in a bakery environment;
  • Utilize bakery equipment and terminology to produce a variety of bakery products;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and ability to create breads, pies, pastries, cookies and doughnuts in a production bakery.


External accreditation is not applicable to this program.


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