Professional Development Funding for Faculty and Staff

Faculty Development: Internal

Faculty Professional Development activities vary yearly, and include stipends. These are coordinated by Liz Falconer, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning. Her office is c105; email The 2016-17 theme is Teach with Intent. Take a look at the opportunities at

Faculty Professional Development: General

Renton Technical College offers  various workshops and trainings opportunities for new and seasoned faculty statewide. Contact Liz Falconer, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning,, or visit

Perkins Funding for Professional Development

  • Industry-based professional development means industry sponsored training where the experience is directly related to the program being taught.
  • Funds may be used to support attendance at recognized hands-on industry sponsored training programs that result in an industry certification or an industry upgrade

NOTE: Staying current in the practice of the technical field must be the intended outcome. 

Eligible applicants are:

  • Prof/Tech instructors
  • Prof/Tech administrators
  • Prof/Tech and adult basic education teams of instructors/administrators jointly attending occupation specific professional development with the intent to deliver contextualized integrated instruction.

Contact for more information: Tami Rable, Workforce Education Manager,

Title III Mini Grants

Mini grant funding provides faculty and staff with access to resources not otherwise available to engage in unique projects aimed at improving activities and outcomes at RTC. Through the Title III Student Entry and Success Pathway grant, funds are available to sponsor RTC faculty and staff-driven, project-based initiatives that address one of the key grant components:

1. Student Engagement in the Entry Process

This component focuses on enhancing the student entry experience, as measured by enrollment of full-time degree-seeking students, first quarter and first year student success, participation in an intrusive admissions and advising model, new student orientation, and academic early alert.

2. Student Retention and Persistence

This component focuses on levels of academic persistence and student success at RTC, as measured by year-to-year retention, second year success, and graduation rates.

Internal mini grant competitions are held annually in winter and summer. On average, the College looks to fund up to five proposals (annually) between $500 and $2,500 per funded proposal.

For more information on Title III mini grants or inquiries about the Title III grant, please contact More information can also be found here.

The Renton Technical College Foundation

The mission of the Renton Technical College (RTC) Foundation is to change lives by supporting career training, educational advancement and program success at Renton Technical College through fundraising, relationship building, responsible resource management and community awareness. The Foundation supports staff and faculty professional development activities in a number of ways. For more information, contact or visit the Foundation in Building C, Room 112.