Resource and Planning Council

Statement of Purpose

The Resource and Planning Council at Renton Technical College was established to provide an opportunity for all constituencies of the College to participate in the process of shared governance.

The Resource and Planning Council is a recommending body to the President’s Executive Cabinet. The work of the Council focuses on a range of areas that may include, but is not limited to: college planning efforts, institutional accreditation monitoring, college effectiveness, strategic initiatives, and special projects.

Scope of Work / Charter

The scope of work for which the Council operates under is as follows:

  • Monitor the college planning system.
  • Keep abreast the College’s participation in national initiatives.
  • Spearhead campus communication pertaining to council purpose.
  • Convene forums for “listening” on college-wide issues.
  • Coordinate and integrate the work of councils.
  • Monitor work of councils.
  • Formulate policy in collaboration with the other councils.
  • Discuss issues confronting the College.
  • Provide recommendations to the president.

The Council assumes the responsibility to advise those committees, and/or Cabinet of its concerns and positions on items under consideration, and may also initiate discussions of other issues and submit its advice and concerns to the various councils, committees and/or Cabinet as it deems necessary. Consideration will be giving to all items brought forth from other councils, committees, work groups and task forces.


Resource and Planning Council Co-Chairs:

Jacob Jackson
Vice President of Administration & Finance
(425) 235-7863

Jichul Kim
Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
(425) 235-2352 ext 2042