Goal 1: Learning

Increase student progress and completion

  • Significantly increase associate degree completion.
  • Increase student transition from basic studies to professional-technical and transfer programming.
  • Fully implement guided pathways.
  • Expand program offerings for inclusive access and success.
  • Reimagine and design a cohort model for the 21st century.

Provide comprehensive student support services

  • Invest in mental health counseling and interventions.
  • Partner with childcare facilities and community based organizations to identify childcare assistance options.
  • Expand learning support resources, transfer advising, and career services.
  • Utilize a student-centered approach in the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and technologies.

Foster continuous growth and professional development of faculty and staff

  • Improve comprehensive employee orientation and onboarding processes, as well as the tenure process.
  • Broaden the array of effective classroom learning practices.
  • Offer ongoing classroom management and customer service training for employees.
  • Maximize the skills and talents of employees; cultivate subject-matter expertise.

Develop and implement a college-wide learning assessment strategy

  • Establish a cross-departmental assessment committee.
  • Develop a systematic assessment plan aligned to accreditation standards.
  • Through the utilization of technology, develop an effective system for measuring and tracking learning outcomes assessment.
  • Provide faculty with the tools needed to effectively assess student learning.
  • Use the program review process to drive instructional improvement.