Office365 – Self-Service – Set up Security Verification

  1. Open browser and go to:

    Welcome to Office
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’ and type your RTC student email user name. Click Next

    Sign In
  3. You will be redirected to the RTC Office365 log in page. Enter student email username and password

    Sign in with your organizational account
  4. Once you have successfully logged onto your RTC student email, Click Next at this screen

    More information required
  5. Confirm your current password

    Confirm your current password
  6. After confirming your password, you will be prompted ‘Don’t lose access to your account!’
    Choose at least one method to verify your identity by clicking the ‘Set it up now’ link.
    Enter a phone number or an email account for authentication.

    Don't lose access to your account!
  7. You will be sent a verification code; enter that code to authenticate.  Click on Finish


Contact the Service Desk at Renton Technical College if you need assistance: or call 425-235-2500