Strategic Planning


Renton Technical College’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan creates a roadmap for the future, ensuring RTC continues to thrive and meet the needs of students and industry through changing times.

RTC developed this strategic plan through a comprehensive and inclusive planning effort built on the foundation of past success and designed to serve as a roadmap for meeting the needs of 21st century students and communities. As a state-funded institution, we recognize our responsibility to prioritize the needs of students and the region we serve. As our economy becomes more advanced and globally connected, students and employees must be prepared to live and work in an environment that requires technical and soft-skills competencies. Students and employees must also be culturally responsive and affirm diversity, have the ability to adapt to changes in technology, and pursue lifelong learning.

As we expect our students to be able to adapt to evolving circumstances and work environments, embrace learning, and seek continuous improvement, we must model this as individuals and as an institution. Our collective willingness to learn and adapt is essential to ensuring our success as we proactively move forward in the years ahead.

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