Student Testimonials

Renton Technical College measures success by the achievements of its students. With the highest completion rate in the state and a 75% job placement rate for graduates, Renton Technical College offers the skills you need for a successful education and career.

Video Testimonials

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Marni Artur
Brandon Marla
Rekya Paul


“I knew that I could come to work for a few hours and then go back to class, which really helped me out. I feel at home here, and as the founding student government president, I can be open with my story to older students and others who are struggling, to encourage them that they can do it, they can change their lives with education.”

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“I was hired as a student coordinator at the Learning Resource Center, where I assist with tutoring and managing the day to day operations of the facility. I can work and still maintain a 3.9 GPA in my classes.”

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“It was a natural fit for me, making people feel welcome, plus I found that I love routine, and hotel work is routine all day long, getting people comfortable and providing what they want.”

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