Want to find out if RTC is closed due to inclement weather? Information will be posted by 5:15 a.m.  Evening class decisions will be posted by 3:15 p.m. Check any of the following places for the latest news.

Sign up for ALERTUS - Renton Technical College's emergency notification system - for text messages sent to your mobile phone.


Call the college at 425-235-2352 and press 9 for the latest operating schedule.

The following stations are recommended and should have information about Renton Technical College scrolling on the bottom of the screen:

  • KOMO TV 4
  • KING TV 5
  • KIRO TV 7
  • KCPQ TV 13

Running closure information is a voluntary system for radio stations. We recommend that you have a radio tuned-in to one of the following stations, but not to rely on receiving information solely from this source:

  • KBKS 106.1 FM
  • KCM 105.3 FM
  • KOMO 97.9 FM
  • KIRO 97.3 FM
  • KJR 95.7 FM
  • KPLZ 101.5 FM
  • KSWD 94.1 FM
  • KUBE 93.3 FM
  • KUOW 94.9 FM
  • KCIS 630 AM
  • KIRO 710 AM
  • KIXI 880 AM
  • KJR 950 AM
  • KOMO 1000 AM


1. When will a decision be made to close the College?

If snow or ice develops overnight, a decision to close the College will be announced before 5:30 a.m. If no announcement has been made by then, you can expect the College to open on time.

During the school day, an announcement will be made when decision-makers determine that campus roads and parking lots or major highways are or will soon be too dangerous for students and employees to drive on. Decision-makers expect drivers to be able to negotiate snowy conditions but decide to close because accumulations are building or serious icing is taking place on and around the campuses. A decision to close will be announced immediately once it has been made, and will be communicated with as much notice as changing conditions permit.

2. Why doesn’t the College close when snow is forecasted?

Renton Technical College sits at a weather transition point at which forecasting is very difficult. Forecasters frequently hedge their bets about the likelihood of bad weather, and when they don’t, they are often wrong. RTC closes when the weather emergency is at hand, and not before. We believe class time is precious and we should cancel classes only when it is necessary.

3. How do I find out that the College is closed?

The various options are described at the top of this page for where you can check on Renton Technical College closure information.

4. How do I know my class will be held? Will my instructor be there?

If an instructor cannot get to campus because of bad weather, he or she must notify their respective dean. The instructor or the division will try to contact students via e-mail, so keep an eye on that. Instructors should give their students information in their syllabi about inclement weather policies and procedures for their classes. If not available in the syllabi, ask your instructor.

5. If the local schools are closed, why isn’t the College?

Unlike public schools, Renton Technical College does not operate a school bus system and uses different criteria to decide that it is appropriate to close. RTC closes only when its own roads, parking lots, the main highways, or the roads immediately around the campuses are too dangerous to negotiate safely. Thus, RTC may be open when other local schools are closed.

6. I take an RTC class at a local school. How do I know when my class is canceled?

If the College closes, classes at off-campus locations, such as local schools, are also canceled. If the College remains open but the local school has closed, the RTC class is canceled for that day.

7. Why were my classes canceled when there was practically no snow at all?

When the weather makes the main campus too dangerous to keep open, RTC will close all of its off-campus locations, regardless of what the conditions are at the other locations. We serve a large geographic area, and it can be quite safe to drive in one place, but not in another. Media announcements must be clear and precise. Making individual campus announcements is likely to be confusing. In addition, students and staff often must travel from one side of our service area to another to come to campus, so bad roads in one region can keep people from getting to other campuses safely.

8. What will happen if I do not attend class because I decide it is too dangerous for me to come?

We realize that a general decision for the college cannot account for the individual circumstances of all students. Use your good judgment and be prompt in communicating your situation to your instructor.

9. May I bring my child with me to campus when the schools are closed?

No. The College has no childcare facilities, and children are often disruptive in the classroom or in the workplace.


Director - Campus Security