The Washington State Construction Center of Excellence (CCoE) is a state-wide resource hub for laborers, education providers, job seekers, and employers in the construction industry. This Center provides access to agencies, training programs, career exploration opportunities, safety protocols, and general information about the industry. CCoE belongs to a system of twelve Centers across the state that work together to sustain a highly-skilled and competitive workforce and support the state's economic development. We strive to eliminate any barriers to entering the construction industry, while creating space for the rising generations to dream big and pursue career options that speak to their abilities.

Hosted at Renton Technical College, CCoE serves all Community and Technical colleges in the state that offer programs in the field of Construction. We convene partnerships among business, industry, labor, government, and education for the purpose of enhancing economic and workforce development initiatives to meet the current and future needs of the construction industry. By connecting educators at every level (K-12, college, apprenticeship) and incumbent workers with industry partners and subject matter experts, our current and future workforce will be ready to meet the industry needs.

The Construction Center of Excellence serves as a national model for bringing industry, labor, and education together to develop a highly skilled and diverse workforce. Partnering with stakeholders throughout North America, we provide best-in-class resources, training, and information.

CCoE Vision

A thriving workforce that reflects and strengthens the communities it serves.

CCoE Purpose

Provide direct access to the tools, knowledge, and community needed for successful careers in the Construction industry.

CCoE Mission

Advance state-wide efforts in resolving inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) disparities throughout the construction industry by offering career planning and educational resources to all.


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