Career Training Programs

At Renton Technical College, we offer an innovative and exciting variety of educational and career path programs to help you meet your goals. From technical training programs that prepare you for real-world careers to programs that advance your skillset, there is something for everyone at RTC.

Browse all career programs below. You can also refine your search to the Area of Study that best suits your interests. Learn more about Areas of Study and our Guided Pathways approach to helping you meet your goals.

Accounting Clerk

Accounting is the recording and communication of financial accounts. It is one of the most basic and important skills in business and management.

Accounting Paraprofessional

Accounting is the recording and communication of financial accounts. It is one of the most basic and important skills in business and management.

Accounting Specialist

Accounting is the recording and communication of financial accounts. It is one of the most basic and important skills in business and management.

Aerospace & Industrial Production Technologies

As of Fall 2021, this program has changed to Manufacturing and Fabrication Technologies.

Allied Health Clinical Engineer

The Allied Health Clinical Engineer Certificate is designed to provide education that prepares students to lead, innovate, and self-educate throughout their careers in bioengineering and biomedical professions and industries.

Allied Health Project Manager

The Allied Health Project Manager Certificate is designed for students that are interested in allied health careers to increase their business skills, management and leadership abilities, business technology expertise, and communication and critical thinking skills while earning a certificate in project management.

Anesthesia Technologist

Anesthesia technologists assist anesthesiologists to manage pain and monitor patients during medical procedures. RTC is one of the few places in the United States that offers a two-year degree in this career.

Application Development - Bachelor of Applied Science

Applications developers use computer languages to create programs that perform specific tasks on computers and other devices.

Autobody Repair & Refinishing

This program prepares students for careers in automotive collision repair.

Automotive Technology

This program teaches students how to work on modern automobiles. It covers all aspects of automotive repair.

Band Instrument Repair Technology

This unique program prepares students for entry-level employment in the band instrument repair and service trade.

Central Service Technician

Central service technicians work in health care facilities to prepare and sterilize devices and supplies used to care for patients.

Cloud Network Technology

The Cloud Network Technology program is designed for entry-level students to develop skills needed to gain employment as cloud practitioners, computer network technicians, configuration and support technicians, and network and computer systems administrators.

Commercial Building Engineering

Modern commercial buildings are wonders of engineering, combining electrical, mechanical and communications systems to create safe, comfortable environments for people.

Commercial Refrigeration Technology

This training program for refrigeration technicians enables students to develop skills necessary to work as domestic or commercial service technicians on refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Computer Network Architecture - Bachelor of Applied Science

As of Spring 2021, this program has changed to Computer Network Engineering.

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Computer Network Architecture will prepare graduates to work as computer network architects, engineers, and managers in designing and implementing computer and information networks; performing network modeling, analysis and planning; and implementing advanced cloud and virtualization technologies at the enterprise level.

Computer Network Engineering – Bachelor of Applied Science

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Computer Network Engineering will prepare graduates to work as computer network architects, engineers, and managers in designing and implementing computer and information networks; performing network modeling, analysis and planning; and implementing advanced cloud and virtualization technologies at the enterprise level.

Computer Network Technology

As of Fall 2021, this program has changed to Cloud Network Technology.

Computer Science

Students prepare for entry in various careers in the Information Technology industry that require a solid foundation in computer programming.

Construction Management

You don’t have to look far into your cityscape to notice that we are in the middle of a construction boom. Besides skilled trades, there is a growing demand for people who can lead and manage construction projects.

Contemporary Business Administration

The Contemporary Business Administration curriculum introduces students to the various aspects of the free enterprise system. Students will be provided with a fundamental and broad knowledge of business functions, processes, and organizations in today’s global economy.

Culinary Arts

Cooking is the closest thing to alchemy you will find. You mix a few ingredients, add a spark, and voilà, you have created a tasty treasure.

Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are an integral part of the dental team.

Early Childhood Education

This program prepares students for the care and early education of young children. They will study how to design a curriculum, create positive learning environments, provide developmentally appropriate activities, and respect and accommodate cultural differences. Students must complete an internship at a childcare center as part of the program.

Electrical Plant Maintenance

Business and industry runs on electricity, and that power is generated or provided by an electrical plant. This program teaches students how to maintain and repair the electrical plants and machines used in industry.

Engineering Design Technology

This program prepares students to enter the field of mechanical or architectural drafting.


The Entrepreneurship certificate is designed to prepare individuals for starting or growing a business. Understanding business concepts, identifying target markets, and creating innovative ideas to solve problems will increase the chances of success.

Field Surveying Technician

Any kind of land development or construction begins with a careful measuring and study of the land. This work is done by land surveyors, one of the most ancient trades in human history.


Ford ASSET — short for Automotive Student Service Educational Training – is an intensive program that trains students to work as professional automotive technicians.

Health Care Navigator

This certificate covers navigating and coordinating care in health and human services systems. Incorporated in the certificate are factors affecting patients such as chronic disease, behavioral health, wellness and patient activation and engagement.

Industrial Engineering

This program trains students to maintain, troubleshoot and repair equipment for industrial environments such as bakeries, breweries, and candy companies.

Land Surveying Technician/Geospatial Science

This one-year program follows the Field Surveying Technician certificate program to prepare graduates for their Professional Land Surveyor licenses.

Legal Assistant

This program prepares students to work in law firms, law-related offices, including the courts, government agencies, non-profits, and corporate legal departments as legal assistants, paralegal assistants, legal receptionists, clerks, litigation practice assistants, and legal support professionals.

Machining Technologies

This two-year program is designed to help students acquire and develop skills necessary to work in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing and Fabrication Technologies

This program prepares students or incumbent workers for careers in industrial production and fabrication.

Massage Therapy Practitioner

Prepare to become professionally licensed to practice therapeutic massage for health maintenance, assessment, and rehabilitation of body tissues and systems.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

This program prepares students for entering the mechanical design profession, working for manufacturing and product development companies close to mechanical engineering and design of products like planes, cars, heavy machinery, consumer products and pretty much anything you can think of that assembles.


Mechatronics is the integration of mechanical, electrical, and computer science technologies that can be applied in a wide variety of industries. Technicians work in mechanical, electrical, automation, robotics and aerospace fields. This program will train students for high-wage, in-demand jobs at companies like Boeing, Amazon, and Starbucks.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants work in the frontlines of medical care, helping physicians and specialists with medical procedures and administrative duties.

Medical Assistant - Phlebotomy

The Phlebotomy Technician program prepares students to work in medical offices, clinics, labs and other health care settings.

Medical Coding Specialist

Develop skills and knowledge to transform descriptions of diseases, injuries, conditions, and procedures into numerical designations in clinics, insurance companies, and other medical settings.

Nursing Assistant - Certified

The Nursing Assistant program prepares students to earn their certification and work in a healthcare setting. It is also the first rung of the career ladder for students to become Licensed Practical or Registered Nurses.

Office Assistant

Students prepare for entry-level careers in the office occupations.

Pharmacy Technician

​Students develop skills in all areas of pharmacy practice such as computer order entry, pharmaceutical calculations, record keeping, mixing intravenous solutions, and compounding of products to be dispensed.

Professional Baking

Students have the opportunity to learn baking basics, as well as the science of baking in a well-equipped kitchen setting.

Property Maintenance for Multi-Family Residences

This program prepares students to work in property maintenance for apartments and other multi-family housing.

Registered Nurse, Associate Degree

Our two-year Registered Nurse Program will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career in health care.

Revenue Management Specialist

The Revenue Management Specialist program prepares students to support doctors and other healthcare professionals with much of the administrative tasks in their clinics, offices, insurance companies and other settings.

Surgical Technologist

Surgery is complex and delicate work, accomplished by a team of highly trained experts. Surgical Technologists are a key part of that team. RTC’s CAAHEP Accredited Surgical Technologist Program trains students in sharp safety, preparing the operating room, including maintaining the sterile field, accurate counts to prevent foreign retained objects, and setting up surgical equipment, supplies and solutions. Additionally, the program trains the student to perform preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative roles, which include urinary catheterization, patient positioning, patient skin prep, sterile draping, passing surgical instruments, preparing/ passing medications, handling supplies, specimens, skin stapling and applying the surgical dressing and drain.

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary assistants work in animal clinics, hospitals, zoos, shelters and on the field to take care of animals, under the supervision of a veterinarian or other specialists.


This program is designed to prepare welders for job entry in most phases of the welding industry.