Parking Information

Where to Park

RTC campus map showing general parking locations with faculty/staff parking reserved in P1, P5, P6, P7, P8, P13, and portions of P12.

Additional parking is available at the following locations:

Online Vehicle Registration

To register a vehicle on campus, use the following link to access our Online Permit Registration page. You will need to know your RTC ID number, vehicle year, make, model, and license plate number prior to registering your vehicle. Be sure to register with your RTC email. Once your permit is ready, it will be delivered via campus mail for staff or US mail for students.

Parking Rules & Permits

Parking rules and regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the calendar year. RTC Staff parking permits are required to park in parking lots P1, P5, P6, P7, P8, and P13. Students are not permitted to park in staff parking lots. Visitors may park in any spot designated for visitors in time-limited parking and general student parking lots P2, P3, P4, P9, P10, and P12 without a visitor permit. Visitors may park in staff parking lots after 3pm Monday – Friday and Saturdays all day. Visitors may also park in staff parking lots Monday through Friday by obtaining a visitor parking permit from the department hosting them with the appropriate information about the event provided on the visitor permit. Visitor permits must be displayed on clearly on the dashboard of the vehicle to be valid.

Student parking permits are free of charge and are available from:

  • Student parking permits are free of charge and are available from the Registration Office.

  • Employee parking permits can be obtained from Campus Security.

General Parking Rules

Unless cars are marked with a Disabled, Carpool, or Visitor Permit, students are required to park in the regular student parking lots  on weekdays.  On weekends, students may also park in any employee lot. Disclaimer: Information subject to change – please check entrance sign at lots for current restrictions.

  • Designated parking spaces have been outlined in our parking facilities with single white painted lines.
  • Vehicles should be centered with equal distance from your vehicle to bordering parking space lines.
  • Restricted parking areas include: roadways, fire lanes, bus zones, loading zones, service driveways, sidewalks, and landscaped areas.
  • Reserved parking is restricted to those with an appropriate permit or authorization.

In addition to imposing fines, vehicles may be impounded due to the following grounds but not limited to: blocking a roadway so as to impede the flow of traffic, blocking a fire hydrant or fire lane, creating a safety hazard, blocking another legally parked vehicle, parking in a marked “tow away” zone and outstanding unpaid parking citations.


The college assumes no liability for vehicles parking or traveling on college property, nor shall it be held responsible for the loss of goods or property from vehicles parked on college property.

The college, the Campus Security department, its officers, or other employees or agents shall not be held liable for any damages, claims, or losses occurring to or from vehicles or equipment when rendering motorist assistance, impounding vehicles, or performing any duties as described in these rules and regulations. This section also applies to non vehicular modes of transportation.

The college provides only limited maintenance to college parking lots during periods of inclement weather. Persons using the college parking lots do so at their own risk. The college will not be responsible for any liability or damage claims arising from weather or other natural disaster-related causes or conditions.

Moving Violation Enforcement on Campus

  • Campus Security Officers patrol the campus (including Off Campus Locations) on foot, bicycles, and in patrol vehicles. Officers may contact RTC community members for violations of traffic laws, which are applicable on all campus properties. Enforcement action is a disciplinary referral to the Dean of Student Success.
  • Disciplinary referral is utilized to help increase pedestrian safety to the RTC community as a result of moving violations such as:

Speeding, negligent or reckless driving, failing to obey a traffic control device (stop sign), failing to yield to pedestrians, and all other traffic laws.

 If an Officer contacts you for the above moving violations, failure to provide positive identification may result in further student disciplinary action.

Processing Citations

Individuals may receive a citation for parking without a permit, parking in an unauthorized area, blocking a roadway, speeding, etc. If a fine is not paid, the college may delay (a student's) registration, place a hold on transcripts or financial aid, impound the vehicle and/or reserve the right to pursue collections on any unpaid fines.

To appeal a citation, use this online form to provide the requested information to submit your appeal. You will be contacted via email and notified whether your appeal has been approved or denied.


Campus Security Fines and Fees Schedule

  • Parking over designated time limit (Visitor Parking): $15.00
  • Occupying more than one space: $15.00
  • Parked in an area not designated for parking: $15.00
  • Parked in Handicapped without a valid or expired placard or vehicle license: $75.00
  • Parked in an area not authorized: $15.00
  • Parked in a posted fire lane/no parking zone: $25.00
  • Blocking traffic or roadway: $25.00
  • Parking adjacent to a fire hydrant: $25.00
  • Parked in fire lane: $25.00
  • Any other violation(s) of college parking and traffic rules and regulations: $15.00