This program prepares welders for most phases of the industry. It combines classroom time with practical experience in the most common manual and semi-automatic welding processes: OFW (gas), SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, SAW (arc), MIG, and TIG. Graduates can earn certifications from the state and from the Washington Association of Building Officials.

Enrollment Point: Fall, Winter, Spring

Certificate of Completion
1-7 Quarters
22-105 Credits
Associate of Applied Science
8 Quarters
125 Credits
AAS - Transfer
Bachelor of Applied Science

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Rick Geist, Elisa Stuart

Entry Requirements

Admission Recommendations

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Good eyesight. Glasses are permitted.
  • Counselor and instructor interview.

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Course Information

Requirements for Welder Helper Certificate:

Course # Course Title Credits
COL 101 College Success 2
WELD 101 Thermal Cutting 3
WELD 102 Oxyacetylene Welding and Brazing 7
WTD 109 Safety, Tool and Equipment Certification 3
WTD 168 Trades Math I 4
WTD 175 Communication for Trades 1
WTD 180 Human Relations for Trades 2
  Total 22

Requirements for Entry Welder Certificate:

Course # Course Title Credits
  Welder Helper Certificate 22
WELD 104 Introduction to Arc Welding 3
WELD 105 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I 7
WELD 106 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II 7
WELD 130 Blueprint Reading 3
WELD 138 Certification SMAW 7
  Total 49

Requirements for Certified Welder Certificate:

Course # Course Title Credits
  Entry Welder Certificate 49
WELD 110 Flux Cored Arc Welding 7
WELD 111 Gas Metal Arc Welding 7
WELD 120 MIG Aluminum 5
WELD 135 Welding Processes and Application 3
WELD 136 Welding Metallurgy 3
WELD 140 Certification GMAW/FCAW 6
  Total 80

Requirements for Certificate of Completion:

Course # Course Title Credits
  Certified Welder Certificate 80
WELD 114 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I 7
WELD 115 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II 6
  Pipe Welding I/Welding Fabrication I/Robotics Welding I* 6
  Pipe Welding II/Welding Fabrication II/Robotics Welding II* 6
  Total 105

*Students choose Pipe Welding, Welding Fabrication, or Robotics Welding sequence to complete Certificate of Completion. Students must complete the same type of welding for both parts of the sequence.

Pipe Welding Sequence:

Course # Course Title Credits
WELD 142 Pipe Welding I 6
WELD 143 Pipe Welding II (with certification) 6

Welding Fabrication Sequence:

Course # Course Title Credits
WELD 144 Welding Fabrication I 6
WELD 145 Welding Fabrication II 6

Robotics Welding Sequence:

Course # Course Title Credits
WELD 146 Robotics Welding I 6
WELD 147 Robotics Welding II 6

Requirements for AAS Degree:

Course # Course Title Credits
  Certificate of Completion 105
AMATH 175 Financial Math 5
CMST 280 Intercultural Communication or  
CMST& 101 Introduction to Communication 5
COMP 100 Applied Composition or  
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
PSYC& 100 General Psychology 5
  Total 125

Optional Courses:

Course # Course Title Credits
WHFRS 101 Forklift Training (optional) (1)
WHFRS 201 Forklift Recertification (optional) (0)

Program Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Welding Program:

  • Practice professional and safe work habits expected in the welding industry
  • Operate common welding and fabrication equipment safely and with proficiency
  • Communicate effectively in writing and verbally with co-workers and supervisors
  • Evaluate and solve problems as a welder
  • Use mathematical concepts to accurately complete welding projects
  • Pursue employment in the welding industry with appropriate job search, interview and resume development skills


External accreditation is not applicable to this program.


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