Do you need a flexible class schedule?

Do the demands of work and/or family make it hard for you to come to campus on a regular basis?

RTC's courses can help you achieve your educational goals. All of our eLearning courses, no matter the delivery method (modality), meet the same objectives as traditional courses. They are academically rigorous and transfer to other institutions.

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Getting started in Canvas

RTC is a web-enhanced college

As a web-enhanced college, all RTC courses use the online learning management system (LMS) Canvas to provide all students with the following course information:

  • course expectations/outcomes (Canvas syllabus)
  • grades (Canvas grade book)
  • due dates (Canvas calendar)
  • end-of-quarter course evaluation (provided over last week of each quarter in all Canvas course nav menus)
  • and more!

RTC's (4) Instruction Modes as listed in Course Catalog under Class Search

  1. Hybrid 
    • Some instruction is scheduled for in-person participation as designated in the class catalog/schedule, and also requires online instruction and course work provided via Canvas.
  2. In Person / Web-Enhanced
    • All instruction is scheduled for in-person participation as designated in the class catalog/schedule. As with all RTC courses, these courses also provide their course syllabus, grade book, assignment and quiz due dates, and other online class resources via Canvas.
  3. On-line
    • All instruction, curriculum and course work is managed 100% online via Canvas
  4. Optional - F2F or OL (FLEX) 
    • All instruction is scheduled for both in-person participation and online (synchronous or asynchronous) participation. Students have the flexibility of choosing how they need to receive instruction (F2F or online) on any given day.

RTC Students: Canvas and eLearning Support

RTC Instructors: Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (C!TL) Support

Please schedule time with your Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching (CITL) team to get everything you need to develop curriculum that meets RTC's mission, vision, and values to provide accessible and equitable curriculum for our richly diverse communities.