Student Email

Renton Technical College student email provides a consistent, reliable, and current email address for all college-related communications. email is the official means of communication between Renton Technical College and our students including important news and information from Faculty, Registration, Financial Aid, Student Programs and Campus Security.

Please note: you can log in to your new RTC student email account three business days after registration.

What student email provides

  • Streamlined notification of news and opportunities during your college experience
  • Simpler and consistent access to other online services from Renton Technical College
  • Educational discounts on products through your .edu address
  • An easier way to keep your school and personal communications distinct
  • Built-in security features including virus scanning and spam filters

Access Your Email Online

Click here to access your student email account.

Email Address

Each student email address is unique (click here for information about exceptions and duplicates) and follows the pattern below where username is a combination of the first initial of the student’s first name, the first initial of the student’s middle name (if one exists) and the full last name:

(username) = your first initial + middle initial (if one exists) + full last name


Kendra Linda Smith =


When a student email account is first created, a default or initial password is automatically generated that starts with a capital “R” and lowercase “tc” (the initials RTC are an abbreviation for Renton Technical College) plus the student’s birth date in YYMMDD format, where YY stands for the two-digit year; MM stands for the two-digit number of the month, and DD stands for the date (use a leading zero if before the 10th of the month). Passwords are case-sensitive; usernames are not.


YYMMDD = your birthday where YY is the two-digit year, MM is the two-digit month, and DD is the date


July 22, 1951 = Rtc510722

April 9, 1990 = Rtc900409

Changing Your Password

Visit to change your password. You must choose a strong password that contains a minimum of 8 characters, a maximum of 16 characters, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, and at least one number or symbol.





Student Support Desk
Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(425) 235-2500