Student Financials

Tuition and fee rates are set by the Washington State Legislature, the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and the Board of Trustees at Renton Technical College (RTC). RTC reserves the right to change the fees without notice and change tuition rates, to comply with the State regulations.

Student Tuition Easy Payment Plan (STEPP) 

The Student Tuition Easy Payment Plan (STEPP) program allows you to pay your tuition on an installment plan. 

  • To enroll, complete a STEPP enrollment form at the Cashier's office before the tuition due date, or at the time of registration (if later). 
  • Each quarter you must enroll with the Cashier before making your first payment. 
  • Payments are made in three installments (two for summer). 
  • There is a quarterly $25 nonrefundable enrollment fee. 
  • Any partial payment made toward tuition without enrolling in STEPP could result in administrative withdrawal from classes. 
  • Admission fees are not eligible to be carried through STEPP. 
  • More information about our Student Tuition Easy Payment Plan can be found on our website or by calling the cashier's office at 425-235-2352 ext. 5910.

Refund Policy 

Tuition will be refunded as follows: 

  • From before the start of the quarter through calendar day five of the quarter: 100%* 
  • From calendar day six through calendar day 20 of the quarter: 50%* 
  • From calendar day 21 on: No refund 

*Once an online class begins the Online eLearning Fee is non-refundable. 

If the duration of a class is other than ten weeks, the refund is calculated based on the equivalent percentage of time. 

The general refund policy applies to all students in state-supported programs. It is the student's responsibility to complete a change of schedule form and submit it to the Enrollment Services office. Refunds are calculated based on the date the form is received. 

  • Refunds will not be granted for students withdrawn for disciplinary reasons. 
  • Students called for military active duty will be granted a refund of tuition and fees paid for the current payment period, subject to the rules and regulations of their respective funding sources. Presentation of written confirmation is required. 
  • The general refund policy applies to all Renton Technical College students, regardless of financial aid status. 
  • Refunds for special programs will be made directly to the funding agency administrator. 
  • Tuition and fees that are paid in cash will be refunded by check. 

Renton Technical College's Veterans Refund Policy complies with CFR 21.4255. In the event the veteran or eligible person fails to enter the course, withdraws, or is dismissed at any time prior to completion, any unused portion of tuition, fees, and other charges is refunded. Any amount in excess of $10 of the Admissions fee is subject to proration. The amount charged will not exceed the exact prorated portion of total charges. The length of the completed portion of the course will be prorated over its total length, and the exact proration will be determined by the ratio of the number of days of instruction completed by the student, to the total number of instructional days in the course. Refunds are made within 40 days of the last date of the student's attendance. 

All tuition and fees will be refunded if the class is canceled by the college. Admissions and STEPP fees are non-refundable.


Student Financials


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