International Student Services

By law, all International Students must submit the following documents:

  • International Student Application
  • Financial statements, less than 3 months old, showing adequate funds to support the student for one year while studying in the U.S. This must be on official letterhead and have the signature of a bank official;
  • Either the applicant's statement of self-support OR a sponsor's statement of support  and,
  • US $50 nonrefundable application fee (check or money order), payable to Renton Technical College.
  • Minimum TOEFL score (Test of English as a Second Language) of 480 paper-based, 157 computer-based, or 54 internet-based
    • TOEFL iBT – 68 with 17 in writing
    • IELTS – 6.0 overall, 5.5 in writing

For International Students now living in the USA

International Students transferring from one school in the USA to another are required to be in status with BCIS. This constitutes a minimum of 2.0 grade point average and completion of full-time classes each quarter.

In addition to the documents listed above, please submit the following:

  1. Copies of all I-20's from schools at which you have studied in the U.S.;
  2. Copy of passport ID and U.S. visa pages;
  3. Transfer student status form (to be signed by the international student adviser at your most recent school in the United States); and,

Information should be submitted to: 
International Student Counselor
Renton Technical College
3000 NE Fourth Street
Renton, WA 98056-4195

Most programs have waiting lists. When the application and supporting documents are received, the student can be placed on the pre-registration list. It is recommended that you either schedule an appointment or call to talk about your academic plans. Appointments can be made by calling 425.235.5840.

Students in degree-granting programs should have an F-1 visa, students in certificate programs will have M-1 visa status.

Certificate of Eligibility
The requirements for issuing the Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20), are the completion of the application process. Complete all the questions carefully. When the requirements have been satisfied, the Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) will be issued. The student will need to present the I-20 and a receipt showing payment of the I-901/(SEVIS fee) to the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate for the student visa to enter the United States.

Renton Technical College issues two types of Certificates of Eligibility. The F-1 Certificate of Eligibility is issued for students in degree-granting programs. The M-1 Certificate is issued to students in a vocational-professional certificate program.

The student should plan to arrive in Seattle/Renton in time to arrange for housing and to see an International Student counselor prior to the enrollment date. The college does not maintain dormitories and does not provide or arrange for housing or transportation for students. Language testing is required before placement into a program.

F-1 Professional/technical Student 
Professional/technical degree programs are full time, 30 hours per week for up to seven sequential quarters. Some degree programs can be completed within 12 months if a student enters with strong English language skills. The school year is divided into three 12-week quarters and a short 6-week summer quarter. Attendance during the 6-week quarter is mandatory if it constitutes an integral part of the training program. Students may be able to transfer to some universities when they complete their Associate of Applied Sciences or an Associate of Applied Sciences-Transfer degree. Be sure to talk with a counselor and adviser before starting your program if you are considering transferring.

M-1 Vocational-Professional Student 
The M-1 Certificate of Eligibility is issued for a period of one year. An M-1 (vocational) student:

  • May not transfer schools after six months from the date of admission;
  • May not change status to an F-1; and,
  • May not change educational or program goals.

If enrolled in a program longer than one year, an Extension of Stay (I-539) is required. The college offers vocational-technical job training in such fields as Business and Office Occupations, Technical Trades and Allied Health Occupations as well as Trade and Industry programs. The school year is divided into three 12-week quarters and a short 6-week summer quarter. Attendance during the 6-week quarter is mandatory if it constitutes an integral part of the training program.

Regular attendance to the school is required. If your attendance falls below 92% you will be considered out of status. Some programs have prerequisites that must be completed in order to get on the pre-registration/waiting list. These classes may have time limits and grade requirements.

School Hours

Students attend class 6 hours per day, Monday-Friday. Hours may vary.

Transportation Bus services is available to all parts of the city for fares from $1.75-$4.

Financial Information
International students do not qualify for financial aid and must be able to provide certification of adequate financial support prior to being issued an I-20. Tuition and fees must be paid at the time of registration for classes each quarter. Failure to pay may jeopardize continuing in classes and meeting the requirements of your visa.

Estimated school expenses per school year

(Tuition & fees based on 20 credits/12 months. Varies according to the program requirements.)

  F-1 or M-1
Tuition (15 credits/quarter) $13,760
Books and Supplies (varies) $2,000*
Health Insurance (required) $1,728**
Living Expenses $18,000
TOTAL $35,488

*The cost of tools is not included in the above expenses.
**The college has no medical facilities. Student insurance is required. This estimate does not include transportation or personal expenses.

Total enrollment costs may vary for individual students. We strongly encourage prospective international students to contact the college for specifics on cost of attendance. To do so please email or call (425) 235-5840.

If you have dependents, you can expect to pay considerably more for living expenses while you are in the United States. Please complete the following Dependent Information Form (page 8). You will need to document $2,000 additional funding for a spouse and $1,500 per child in your financial statement.

Students applying for admission must be able to provide documentation to the school and the U.S. consulate that they are financially able to maintain themselves during the period of time they remain here as students. International students are permitted to hold employment under certain conditions AFTER completing their training program.

Where do you want your acceptance materials sent?

Should your I-20 be mailed to you in your home country, or to an American address?

Download: International Student Enrollment Process PDF